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Gray Foam by Lymphedema Products
Every expertly-crafted lymphedema bandage requires foam under-padding due the multitude of benefits it provides such as tissue softening, insulation from pressure over sensitive tissues, even distribution of pressure, customization to the unique requirements of each treatment, amplification of pressure where desired, creation of normal contouring, and more. This gray foam padding is durable, inexpensive, and ideal for all patients due to its soft open-cell construction.

We recommend that every patient with lymphedema insist on the use of foam padding when undergoing lymphedema treatment.
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Individual Pieces
1/4" Thick: 3' x 6' 
1/2" Thick: 3' x 6' 
1" Thick: 3' x 6' 
1/4" Thick: 3' x 6' - case (5 sheets)
1/2" Thick: 3' x 6' - case (5 sheets)
1" Thick: 3' x 6' - case (2 sheets)
 needed heavier padding on the upper arm. was able to cut the grey foam easily to fit that area. works great. 
- Linda V. Goossen
 Great, just what I needed 
- Bev Zimdars
 This is the best foam to use if you are prone to getting blisters between your folds or the stocking rubs your skin put this foam in between the folds and pull the stocking up over the foam and I guarantee no rubbing or blisters between the folds!! 
- Delia Hall
- Dennis Doman
 I got this foam to make my own chip bags and it's perfect for that. 
- Kristian D Bendzunas
 Great for those boney areas, and you can double up for extra padding! 
- Jason Vida
 makes wraps fit like a glove. good stuff. 
- Mr Ed Gilchrist
 My PT stated it worked well. Easy to shape and easy to cut to form my leg. Price was good. 
- George William Carenbauer
- Saud Alumar
 The foam is exactly what I needed under my compression straps for added comfort. Works wonderful. I will have enough for probably a year 
- Ms Viola M Stanley
 I like it here's why. It doesn't collapse. The cells in the foam have a nice rigidity that doesn't crush into a crease like a softer foam will do under the bandage. When that happens the bandage folds over, very frustrating. When you have a lot of edema, this foam is an excellent foundation. It holds its form. Softer foam quickly loses its form. It's easy to cut fitted template shapes, as well as bevel. I do two pieces, one seam. Armpit to elbow; elbow to wrist. I'm not a professional in the business, but I've been trained by one. I wrap mom. Hers is a hard case of edema with the added complication of a dislocated shoulder, so I do this a lot. It looks like a cast when I'm done but asthetics does not make it less than a five star product. It's thickness is functionally perfect. When your all finished with your layers and herringbone finish, you can't stop smiling. Andy Simondet, Thousand Oaks,California 
- Andrew R Simondet
 The sheets of foam are large enough to make a custom fit calf-to ankle and their thickness is enough to stand up and equalize pressure from the ankle to the knee. 
- Albert C Dunlap
 Foam served its purpose 
- Mrs. Gertrude Teat
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