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Gray Foam by Lymphedema Products
Every expertly-crafted lymphedema bandage requires foam under-padding due the multitude of benefits it provides such as tissue softening, insulation from pressure over sensitive tissues, even distribution of pressure, customization to the unique requirements of each treatment, amplification of pressure where desired, creation of normal contouring, and more. This gray foam padding is durable, inexpensive, and ideal for all patients due to its soft open-cell construction.

We recommend that every patient with lymphedema insist on the use of foam padding when undergoing lymphedema treatment.
Individual Pieces
1/4" Thick: 3' x 6' 
1/2" Thick: 3' x 6' 
1/4" Thick: 3' x 6' - case (5 sheets)
1/2" Thick: 3' x 6' - case (5 sheets)
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