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CompressionAssist Lubricant - Treatment Pump


CompressionAssist Lubricant - Treatment Pump by HDP
CompressionAssist is a hypoallergenic, safe, silky, non-runny, non-greasy, topical skin lubricant. This innovative product enables users of compression garments to don and remove them with ease. Once donned, it allows adjustments to be made to the garments to avoid wrinkling and creasing. CompressionAssist provides the user a comfortable experience during wear.

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This product has 34 reviews.
 The product is great to use when putting on my pressure stocking. I think it is overpriced, but the small bottle is handy. I would like a more secure cap for travel, to prevent leakage in luggage or other places when no able to store upright. 
- John P Dalla Mura
 This product has made it possible for me to wear a knee high compression stocking on one leg. It really is a huge help !!! 
- Mr. Harry W. Crosby
 We expected this product to feel oily on your hands...BUT, that is not so. After my husband applies it to his leg, it makes the compression hose go up a lot easier. 
- Anita Mudaliar-wilson
 This product helps with donning the hose and the hose adjusting itself during the day. 
- Ms Ellen Antoniades
 Application of this product makes it so much easier to fit compression stockings. Although not greasy, the stockings almost glide over the skin. Good for the skin, too. 
- Ms Betty Berek
 If I could give it 6 stars I would. Makes putting on and taking off my stocking so easy. I have been looking for something like this product for years. I have given this lotion as gifts to friends and family. Whether you are putting on support hose, or arm and leg sleeves/stockings try this product. You will be amazed. I have had lymphedema in my left leg for 40 years and it has been getting harder to put my stocking on. With this lotion, my stocking just glides on. Love it! 
- Cheryl Nazzaro Nazzaro
 It is such a good help to put my stockings on. I've ben usin g this product for several months 
- Carol Schmidt Schmidt
 This product really lubricates arm have used it for many years. Just need a little spray really helps when putting compression sleeve 
- Carol Sloane
 Definately makes it easier to put on compression hose when used in combination with Jobst gloves. 
- Charles B. Mylius
 Five stars 
- Cindy Cheek
 I love this product, makes it so much easier to get my Mom's sleeve on her arm. 
- Pamela L Ford
 Excellent product. I have worn compression garment for 18 years. This is an answer to my many difficulties of putting on my sleeve everyday. 
- Eleanor A Talley
 Works wonders in pulling up hose. 
- Frances M Glass
 My wife has a pain disorder and putting on her stockings was not only hard, but painful. This made it much easier and faster to put them on. I was skeptical, but it works. 
- David M Hart
 Worked well. 
- Judith Packheiser
 I love this product for putting on my husbands (Carroll) compression stockings. This company is excellent priced & product was shipped out within the next day. Thank you Lymphedema Products. 
- Mr. Carroll L Rogers
 Works fine. Does what it claims to do 
- Keitha Scott Scott
 This product really helps with compression stockings making it much easier to put them on. 
- Kathy Feddor
 This stuff works great! No more struggling with compression socks. the only complaint is the pump action is not so good. 
- Mrs Annette M Granberg
 This is a great product. My legs seem to stay clammy after showering, and one drop of the lubricant makes my garments slide right on, no pulling and tugging over and over! 
- Linda J Kintigh
 Excellent lymphedema product 
- Marianne P Graham
 One quick spray before you attempt to put on your compression stocking and the stocking slides easily one. Wish I had this spray years ago, great product!! 
- Marianne P Graham
 I was skeptical when I ordered my first bottle; I am now using my third bottle. What a difference it makes when putting on compression stockings. 
- Norma J Bennett
 The spray makes the stocking go on easier. 
- Mrs. Catherine Roche
 love it 
- Mrs. Catherine Roche R
 Makes the legs lubricated so it is easy to goet the stockings on. 
- Mrs. Catherine Roche R
 This stuff works very, very well. There is no residue on the skin, and it does not stain. Would recommend it to anyone.....!! 
- Retired Jerry D Williams
 This product works very well.................!!!! 
- Retired Jerry D Williams
 This product helps relieve the inner elbow redness and irritation I get from tight and/or new compression arm sleeves. And, it takes very little to use each time so the product will last a long time. 
- Jo Anne M Saunders
 Can use sparingly on a sock assist tool which I use and it helps a lot especially after taking a shower. 
- Stephen R Douglas
 Makes putting on support stockings easy! 
- Richard T Bennett
 Makes all the difference, especially on hot days 
- Barbara Aureli
 I like spray better. Lasts longer. Helps a lot when weather is humid. 
- Barbara Aureli
 Fantastic. It makes putting Compression socks, Farro wraps and or spandex socks much, much easier to put on. 
- Ann Wall
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