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CompreSleeve Arm


CompreSleeve Arm by Sigvaris
A quick and easy alternative to bandage wrapping, the CompreSleeve mimics bandages by using a contton/Lycra blend, one-way short stretch fabric. Once adjusted for a comfortable fit, the CompreSleeve provides a gentle, gradient 20-30 mmHg compression to facilitate effective drainage of lymph fluid.

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This product has 3 reviews.
 Nice product. Very adjustable, thumb and tip of fingers are free, so you can grasp things. Seems to do a good job of taking my arm down at night. 
- Ms Rosemary Stanton
 This is my second CompreSleeve and because it keeps me from having to wrap my modestly swollen arm, I love it. I only wear it at night; I use an elastic arm sleeve during the day. However, I take bit of issue with the measurements versus size to buy. The sizing recommendations need to be narrowed a bit and a medium large developed. Also, while my sleeve sits properly on my lower arm, it often is loose on the upper. If the strip of cloth that receives the Velcro tabs tapered out to a wider width at the top, it would allow a snugger fit in the upper arm area. Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Mrs Carol Barrington
 Very very nice... Makes life a little easier I bought if for night time wear works perfect 
- Laura H Shimmell
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