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CompreFlex Strap Extender


CompreFlex Strap Extender by Sigvaris
The CompreFlex Strap Extender is a great solution for patients who fall outside the standard sizing but won't benefit from a custom compression garment. Each strap adds 10cm of circumference to a standard CompreFlex strap. The CompreFlex Strap Extender works well with the CompreFlex BK, CompreFlex BK LITE, and the CompreFlex TC.
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Strap Extender: Single 
Strap Extender: 10-Pack 
 Didn't need them for very long, but during the time I did need them, they came in handy and kept my compression braces on good and snug! 
- Michael E Mcfarland
 If I neglect using the compression garments for a day or two the resulting swelling at the lower leg makes closing the bottom strap or straps difficult and sometimes painful. The strap extender allows me to temporarily close easily and firmly until the swelling is brought back under control. Then I just remove the extender and go back to normal closing. The strap extenders would also be helpful for any one having difficulty closing their compression leggings. 
- Louis E Schulist
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