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CompreFlex Standard Calf


CompreFlex Standard Calf by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris CompreFlex Standard Calf provides soft, comfortable daytime compression. The CompreFlex BK: (1) is easier to use than high compression stockings; (2) has a durable design that resists fraying and tearing; (3) features a highly adjustable, conforming design; (4) is easily worn under most clothing; (5) is exceptionally comfortable; (6) is ideal for mild to moderate lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It can be combined with the CompreFlex TC and CompreBoot to provide a full leg compression solution. The CompreFlex Standard Calf includes a Sigvaris Basic liner.
This product has 9 reviews.
20-50 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Legging
Compression: 20-50 mmHg
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 I have been wearing these since my Lymphedema diagnosis at the recommendation of my physical therapist. They are easy to get on and off. I wish the foot covering part was sold separately. I don't use them and have several sitting in a basket. That also would help lower the cost of the lower leg garment. 
- Lin F Mccauley
 Working well to reduce my leg edema which was profound two weeks ago! 
- Dr Alfred R Dangelo
 The CompreFlex is an excellent product. It was recommended by my Dr. to reduce leg swelling, and it has done that. They comfortable and very easy to put on. I would suggest that the liners be sold separately. 
- Mr. David A Hazlett
 it is excellent, very good product. i will be buying another one very soon for my other leg. 
- Cathy D Walker Walker
 work well, easy to keep adjusted and tight all day and night. 
- Jeffrey Geiger
 Took me a while to get used to these, but they have come in handy so much! Special thanks to my physical therapist for showing me how to properly put them on, she's a Godsend 100% ! 
- Michael E Mcfarland
 My therapist said this is the best brand and style for me. I ordered a size smaller now that I am finished with therapy. They are surprisingly comfortable and I was able to get in on a sale for Memorial Day. 
- Lin F Mccauley
 great product and much easier than a compression sock 
- Sidney Goldfarb
 This leg wrap is excellent and works really well to reduce the swelling in my leg, the result of hereditary factors, a cellulitis infection and later on, a dog bite. Prior to trying this brand, I'd been using Jobst-Farrow wraps which pale in comparison because the Sigvaris wraps have by far and away significantly more robust strap fasteners. Sigvaris wrap straps will not become undone and dislodge like the Jobst-Farrow fasteners oft-times did. 
- William F. Delorraine
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