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CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot


CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot provides soft, comfortable daytime compression. The CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot: (1) is easier to use than high compression stockings; (2) has a durable design that resists fraying and tearing; (3) features a highly adjustable, conforming design; (4) is easily worn under most clothing; (5) is exceptionally comfortable; (6) is ideal for mild to moderate lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It can be combined with the CompreFlex TC to provide a full leg compression solution. The CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot includes a CompreBoot compression foot piece and Sigvaris Basic liner.

PLEASE NOTE: All CompreFlex Standard Calf & Foot orders ship ONLY with Regular Length CompreBoots. If a Long CompreBoot is required, purchase a CompreFlex Standard Calf and order desired CompreBoot separately.
This product has 9 reviews.
20-50 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Legging
Compression: 20-50 mmHg
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 Great calf and foot compreflex product. The Baylor Clinic staff gave us training on how to continue home treatments using this Velcro kit My Mum’s doing good! The online purchase was delivered free and in a timely manner! 
- Mr Kiritkumar J Patel
 We find the calf compression wrap to be easy to use and adjust. My husband finds them very comfortable. 
- Faye Binsfeld
 2 pieces can cover the foot ankle and calf with no gaps.Recommended by an RN. 
- Robert L Sellards
 Fits well. 
- Miss Joanne E Cerrone
 Works wonderfully. Easy to put on 
- Judson A Dosher
 Easier to put on than wrapping. Works. Very happy with my purchase. 
- Judson A Dosher
 Changed my life 
- Mr. Jacob C Keen
 I'm very happy 
- Ms Lidia Delgado
 The product is very helpful for my lymphedema. Using them after I use my compression machine, and using the calf bindings at work help a lot. If you order over the web, be sure to call and follow up, to avoid shipping delays. 
- Amy Jenkins
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