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CompreFlex Complete Calf


CompreFlex Complete Calf by Sigvaris
The Sigvaris CompreFlex Complete Calf is an all new design in lower extremity compression. Utilizing Breath-O-Prene fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the CompreFlex Lite simply slides on and wraps around the leg. The CompreFlex Complete Calf: (1) is easier to use than high compression stockings; (2) has a durable design that resists fraying and tearing; (3) made with soft, conforming, Breath-O-Prene fabric to provide a comfortable fit; (4) is Latex-free; (5) is highly adjustable: optional strap extenders are available and can add 10cm to the circumferential range; (6) is ideal for mild to moderate lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The CompreFlex Complete Calf includes a pair of Sigvaris Complete Liners.
This product has 17 reviews.
20-50 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Legging
Compression: 20-50 mmHg
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 Just what I expected. Just like the one we purchased earlier to see if it would work. 
- Adelbert J. Potter
 Give star 
- Mr Arthue Hill
 works very well to keep the fluid out of my legs 
- Mr Cecil R Calvert
 Very comfortable and soft, plus not overly tight. Work great with the velcro Lymphedema supports. 
- Daniele A Grasser
 Really soft and not too tight. Work great with the velcro supports. 
- Daniele A Grasser
 I Love this product 
- Mrs Lori A Danielson
 I ordered the pair above because the ones I had were way too old and no longer useful and these have changed my life, my job, physical therapy. I was in bad pain (10/10) and thought it was arthritic knees. Nope. About 1 hour after I put these on, I felt wonderful, energized, my legs felt massaged and most importantly, I had NO more pain. These are a life saver. 
- Eileen H Paton
 Excellent pair. wish i knew about these a long time ago . 
- Miss Joan M Aarstad Aarstad
 Feels great! 
- Judy E Culp
 Great product, easy to put on 
- Mrs Ann C Klene
 can i sugesst put for the left leg make all straps go to the left and on the right leg for them go all right.and put neon colors on sides so you can see them i just noticed i wasputting left side on and 1 strap was already strapped and i didnt even start to strap them. thank you very much. 
- Mr Peter M Abney Abney
- Mr Peter M Abney Abney
 Best garment ever for my lymphedema legs 
- James W Smith
 Like how easy the straps are to put on. 
- Sharon A Haupt
 Working great for my father. So much easier to put on when alone. 
- Suzanne Lenfant
 I really liked these wraps, unfortunately I purchased the wrong size. I am getting them in a bigger size this time. The elastic band at the top helps to hold it in place. 
- Wade C Gregory
 Excellent!the tall has 5 fasteners and fits perfect from knee to around the ankle 
- Amy Eppley Leonard
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