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CompreFlex Arm


CompreFlex Arm by Sigvaris
Utilizing Breath-O-Prene fabric to ensure a comfortable and conforming fit and featuring a thin inner sleeve that makes one-handed application easy, the CompreFlex Arm compression wrap simply slides on and wraps around the arm for easy-to-apply yet effective upper extremity compression of 30-40 mmHg. The Flexi-Zone allows for 90 degrees of elbow movement and full range of motion to complete everyday tasks. The padded axilla and wrist areas feature adjustable fit to ensure comfort for both day and night wear. The straps of the CompreFlex Arm may be easily adjusted to achieve 30-40 mmHg active gradient compression while the durable Breath-O-Prene fabric resists fraying and tearing, helping to increase the longevity of the wrap. CompreFlex Arm comes with a pair of cotton liners and is latex-free.
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Arm Sleeve
Compression: Adjustable
 Comfortable to sleep with it on 
- Beverly J Fischer Fischer
 My husband loves not having to wrap every night. Uses this instead. 
- James R R Fouchey
 I had previously been wrapping my arm with short-stretch wrap, a lengthy process. This sleeve is so much better. A few tugs at the velcro tabs and it is ready to come off. I change undersleeves twice a day and shower as frequently as I like, a process I used to put off because of the unwieldiness of wrapping and unwrapping. 
- Leetha Mattox Mattox
 Fits well and easy to adjust 
- Rae-ellen Weber
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