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CompreFit BK by Sigvaris
The CompreFit, introduced over four years ago, has experienced extremely positive reception from clinicians nationally. The unique properties of the non-elastic compression allow the CompreFit to provide a high working pressure (30-40 mmHg), while also providing a low resting pressure, making it ideal for daytime use and safe for nighttime use. It is extremely durable as well as easy to use and clean. Many therapists prefer the CompreFit to high compression elastic stockings for their patients. It includes a CompreBoot foot piece and a pair of cotton stockings.

Please select the appropriate options for both the legging and the boot.
This product has 9 reviews.
30-40 mmHg Compression
Legging & CompreBoot
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Legging Only
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
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 I purchased a pair of CompreFit about 4 years ago, and am still using them. I'm rather obese so was unable to do a very good job of wrapping my legs with bandages. CompreFit was just what I needed. I will say I came back to this site because after 4 years of use, I'm about ready to buy another pair. I do recommend this product! 
- ickeyray
 Good fit fast delivery good price 
- Mr Aaron J. Stroud
 This product is excellent. We were wrapping my husbands legs with flex bandages which were very expensive. We found these and they work great and are very economical because of how long they last. Even though the socks go above the knee, we put the leg wraps on and then fold the sock back down over the wraps. It works great. 
- Dianna L Jenkins
 works great very comfortable! easy to manage vs bandages 
- Djuan Liger Francois Francois
 Excellent, easy to use. Great company & service. 
- Peggy Craig
 Love this product. I wear them daily. They keep my legs from swelling and hurting. Went to the beach a couple of weeks ago and with them on every day my legs did not swell at all even with a 5 hour drive and being near the water. I will continue to order these. 
- Me. Sandra S Roth
 I have been wearing these compression wear for over five years now. And they perform excellent and hold up well me. 
- Mr Steve Zars
 Have used for years. Excellent, with care they last 24 months or so before Velcro wears out. I have walked, hit golf balls and engaged in other activities. Easy to wash. CompreFit BKs have provided the necessary support to keep swelling to a minimum. I have worn with shorts, slacks, jeans over support hose for that required extra protection. 
- Mr Tony D Lobello
 Excellent support for lower part of the leg (calf). You can adjust the amount of pressure, lightweight, easily worn with slacks and is washable. Good product. 
- Mr Tony D Lobello
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