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CompreBoot by Sigvaris
The unique properties of the non-elastic compression allow the CompreBoot to provide a high working pressure (20-30 mmHg), while also providing a low resting pressure, making it ideal for daytime use and safe for nighttime use. It is extremely durable as well as easy to use and clean.
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20-30 mmHg Compression
Foot Piece
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 I was disappointed as the picture online showed it with long stockings so I thought they were included. Anyway the Velcro booties are the bomb. I can’t put them on myself but my granddaughter, who does my legs, is sooo happy with them. So much easier than wrapping with ace bandages and for me so much more comfortable. 
- Sandra Cunningham
- Arthur Watts
 Boot fits perfectly. Thank you 
- Mrs Elizabeth G Nunley
 Very helpful in combination with the leg appliance! 
- Dr Alfred R Dangelo
 easy to use and works as described 
- Mr Robert E Celentano
 This product is great - had it on my foot that had a stress fracture and was dealing with the discomfort for over 2 months - put this product on my foot for 3 days and cured pain. 
- Christine R Wunderlin
 This is an easy to use compression boot for night or day. It has only two flaps to fasten, so I can do it myself. 
- Karen Bauman
 Very comfortable. I wear this at night and it works great. Could use bottom gripper as it is a little slippery on tile floors. 
- James
 easy to use works great, would be nice if had some kind of gripper soles so not having to put shoes on each time get up during night. 
- Mrs Betty C Caruthers
 Very easy to use. Easy for me to fasten. Effective. 
- Michael D Brendler
 Easy for me to put on or take off myself. Comfortable for night time wear. 
- Michael D Brendler
 Love it! Easy to use and very comfortable while providing the compression I need. 
- Mrs Mary J Nordstrand
 It has a great feel 
- Phyllis Hibberd
 Came quickly and works well. 
- Ron Falenschek
 great product for lymphedema when feet are swollen and compression hose are painful to wear. It is easy to put on and comfortable to wear all day or night. 
- Diane Musick
 Love it best boot I ever used :-)!!! 
- Vernon V Wilson
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