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ComfortSling Double Sling


ComfortSling Double Sling by ComfortSling
The ComfortSling™ Double Sling is designed especially for women receiving radiation for breast cancer, is worn when one is not wearing a bra. The ComfortSling™ allows the breast to rest on a soft cushion giving better air circulation beneath the breast while wicking away perspiration to keep the area dry. The cushion prevents excessive chafing of adjacent areas of skin beneath the breast and the antimicrobial treatment of the fabric discourages bacteria growth. The non-stretch straps can be adjusted for comfort so there is no pressure on the sore areas beneath the breast or on the neck and shoulder. ComfortSling™ products are all hand-washable in cold water and should be air-dried to preserve the wicking and antimicrobial properties of the cushions.
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Double Breast Sling 
 I been researching for a clean simple solution for boob sweat,this product is perfect and easy to clean. Super Satisfied. 
- Tidal Harris
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