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Comfort Silver Knee-High Socks


Comfort Silver Knee-High Socks by CircAid
Comfort Silver Knee-High Socks contain silver coated nylon fiber to eliminate odor and are latex-free. Accomodates a max circumference of 80cm. Please note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.
This product has 11 reviews.
12 Pairs (dozen) 
 I have been using these for many years and find that they are exceptional in both the durability as well as their ability to help keep my leg's skin healthier. I've tried other products, but these are the best. 
- Commodore Chandler
 My brother has severe lymphodema. These socks are a quality product and a great value for the money. 
- Cheryl J Wiederholt
 Very comfortable liners for my CircAid compression garments. They feel very cool on my legs too. I previously ordered the non-silver CircAid liner socks, and they were terrible, had holes in them on the THIRD time I wore them, and they did not stay up, making the compression garments slide down all day. The silver liners come up high over my knee with plenty of fold-over space , and stay put during the day. 
- Louise-anne Pulli
 Excellent product. 
- Edward T Odwyer
 Very comfortable and easy to care for. As those with lymphedema know, keeping skin healthy with all of the edema definitely helps reduce cellulitis events. I believe these socks help with that. I would definitely recommend this products to friends. 
- Jeffrey Hoover
 Great product fast delivery 
- Kathleen Kyler
 Excellent product. Quick delivery 
- Peggy Craig
 This sock is wonderful! It is the only one that fits my husbands very large legs. The silver that is woven throughout the sock prevents the buildup of bacteria on the legs' surface which causes a hot red rash to appear on my husbands legs. I would highly recommend this product! 
- Mrs. Sylvia R. Recker
 My husband has been wearing these socks for years. They are comfortable under the JuxtaFit Premium wraps and have helped immensely with decreasing the amount of cellulitis flair-ups that he has had. They are easy to care for - wash and dry easily. They are an excellent product and hold up for a long time. Quick delivery from Lymphedema Products due to their great inventory. 
- Mrs. Sharon L Whitmore
 Love them! They are the perfect liners for neoprene wraps. They are super comfortable and easy to care for. 
- Teresa Corry
 I use these socks when I travel, they are cool and can be worn for extended periods without discomfort. 
- Ms Lucretia Ls Stevens
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