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Comfort PAC Band


Comfort PAC Band by CircAid
The Comfort PAC (Power Added Compression) Band by Circaid offers instant, adjustable compression that targets the ankle and natural arch of the foot. Made from lightweight breathable material, the PAC Band may be trimmed to provide the perfect fit for any foot's shape and size. It's simplistic hook and loop strap design makes it easily and instantly adjustable and also helps it maintain a low profile, thereby allowing it to fit comfortably inside shoes.

May be worn on the Left or Right foot.
This product has 19 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Ankle-Foot Wrap
Compression: Adjustable
 Exactly what I wanted 
- Bill Rankinen
 A nurse told my mother to purchase this item and I am very pleased with the band. A nurse marked it so she would put it on properly and my mother does wear it every day and says it is comfortable. I would recommend this in addition to the leg wrap. 
- Christina Wolff
 Great addition to the leg wrap 
- Sherryl Buchmann
 The CircAid has helped prevent swelling in my ankles providing additional compression to my compression hose. My therapist recommended this product and she was right. 
- Ms Ellen Antoniades
 I love this item and its work great for my feet and ankles . The end could be a little wider as i have to add a additional piece the cover in side of my ankl.e But I so happy with .Thanks Barbara S 
- Barbara R Schow
 The comfort pac band is a must. They have helped my feet very much. Very to put on an very comfortable also. I would recommend this to any with swelling in their feet 
- Linda Cox
 Very easy to put on and off. Effective at keeping ankle swelling down 
- Celeste M Holwick
 very good gave me sucess. 
- Mr Clarence Whitt
 These do a great job of controlling foot and ankle swelling. Easy to follow directions and adjust fit. Be careful not to over trim. Better to trim little by little as directed. Highly recommend. 
- Daniele A Grasser
 So far it has been easy to put on, wear the extended time, easy care, 
- Ms Diane S Anderson
 This is a good product. Easy to put on and helps support the foot and ankle area. 
- Sonia Upton Upton
 Great support in my arch. My arches have never felt this great. 
- Janine Schulz
 Works great 
- Ms Susan Kelley
 This wrap is very simple, yet very helpful. 
- Linda F Lynch
- Mona L Bennight
 Really helping. Easy top adjust and cut as needed. 
- Suzan Windnagel
 I like the way it's eady to adjust. I like to wear it to bed after I take my compression hose off. 
- Ms Sybil J Frazier
- Judy Bean
 Great and very comfortable I hope others are happy with this product It’s just tricky to strap up but you’re doing well and enjoy your day 
- Miss Carol A Shimkus
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