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Comfort Non-Slip Liner


Comfort Non-Slip Liner by CircAid
The Comfort Non-Slip Liner™ is worn directly against the skin, underneath any compression legging. Its tacky surface aids in preventing the 18" x 60" (46cm x 152cm) - which covers most upper legs. Please note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.

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This product has 4 reviews.
 This liner is the best ,it’s the only thing I’ve found to hold my wrappings while I’m in therapy. I have lymphedema in my right leg, I wrap the liner Around my thigh before the foam and bandages and it works great at holding them up. 
- Debbie Lagrutta
 Very easy to put on seems to be doing a good job after it is fitted properly. 
- Ms. Gail Myntti
 It really helped to keep my circaid reduction wrap for upper leg in place. I was having issues before trying this product--very pleased! 
- Marilyn K Juliana Juliana
 This product works great in keeping my wraps from sliding down. Sure has made things easier. 
- Mrs Teresa M Smith
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