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Comfort Footless Leg Liners


Comfort Footless Leg Liners by CircAid
Comfort Footless Leg Liners are made from cotton, Lycra®, and Microban® antimicrobial material and are latex-free. Please note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.
This product has 55 reviews.
 They are a perfect match from the original liners I received with my CircAid Compression Wraps. 
- Bruce Hilton
 Exactly what I needed. Performed up to my expectations. 5 stars. 
- Bill Mckinney
 Wonderful product it is well made and hold its shape wash after wash. 
- Anita Ramsey Mrs
 it works well but as with any product you have to develop your techinque 
- Mr Michael A Mcphee
 perfect as replacement for compression. 
- Ms Sheila M Astuccio
 I appreciate the help I received with you support staff. They helped me find exactly what I needed. Glad to have extra leg liners on hand. thanks again 
- Barbara Leach
 Good quality product 
- Leo Bazile
 I love my leg liners. They are just the length I need. Others I have tried were too short. These were perfect! 
- Beverly Caulkins
 They were exactly what I needed. 
- Beverly Caulkins
 Works good. 
- William A Knuth
 Very Good. 
- William A Knuth
 Very good 
- William A Knuth
 We've had this product before, and it works well. 
- Delores Schons
 I love this and it makes my legs feel so much better. I had ordered one prior to that but I got the wrong thing. 
- Mrs Brenda Sparks
 This was exactly what I wanted. 
- Donna D Brown
 I dislike standard calf liners because I don't want my feet enclosed. The footless leg liners are exactly what I need so my feet are free and I can put on a separate sock if I want that won't bunch up or bind. I get the leg liner I need to use with my calf wrap, but the foot & toe freedom I want. 
- Cheryl A Eggen
 Nice to have spare a spare liner with others in the wash. 
- Mr. Charles M Hess
 Works great! 
- Chris Rossiter
 Happy with this product 
- Linda Mecham
- David M Hansberry
 These went on like a glove! Very soft and fit like a charm! 
- Debra M Robinson
 I like these liners much better than the liners that came with the wraps. 
- Donna W Fernandez
 Excellent product my mother has used them now for several years 
- Sherrie Grisham
 good quality product 
- Mrs Ann M Anderson Anderson
 They work well with my garment 
- Joan R Mares
 Looked everywhere your product solved my problem. 
- James Carder
 I have lymphedema and developed ulcers following surgery on my leg. They are so easy to put on, do not roll and re not hot. I really like them. My infection disease specialist told me to order them instead of pulling my compression stockings over the new skin. 
- Janet E Beck
 They are soft and wash very well. They are machine washable, but I don't put them in the dryer. I hang them on a rack to dry. 
- Jean A Labarr
 I needed to replace the liners that came with my wraps and these work well. 
- Mrs Darla J Dunkle
 The woven fabric seems sturdier that my prior orders. You don't poke a hole in the first 5 wearings just trying to put them on. 
- K H Jeffrey
 These are great lightweight liners that are perfect to wear in the hot summer months. I think the quality of the materials used have improved since I last ordered them. Previously, after one or two wearings, I would poke a hole in them while trying to put them on my calves before putting on my leg wraps. Now, I've used them for almost a month and no holes! 
- K H Jeffrey
 I bought these to wear as a liner under my leg wraps, so I could wear sandals. I planned to wear my foot wraps without liners. However, these are plenty long enough to leave the hemmed end halfway up my foot, and the other end at my knee. That way I have liner between my skin and both my spandex wraps, but my toes are free. 
- Katherine Randall
 Did what I wanted. Likely will order more. 
- Lary Eber
 Leggings first came with the Juxta wraps - (which don't work for Renee) - using now with the Rosidal K wraps - works well with them. 
- Ms Renee E Newberry
 I love these leg liners as they launder up nice and last very nice quality 
- Lois A Robbins Robbins
 Great product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
 Good quality product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
 Best product 
- Michael A Weeks
 Best product 
- Michael A Weeks
 Excellent product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
 Excellent product 
- Michael A Weeks Mr
- Mildred Holler
 Great item 
- Patricia Mullen
 These stockings are comfortably easy to get on and work really well with my other compression products. 
- Mrs Rachel L Mathis
 Too long, but otherwise excellent quality, and comfortable 
- Richard H Sacchetti
- Mr Robert M Koller
 I was very pleased with the product, and it works well under my leg wraps, will be ordering more in the future! 
- Ms Rosemary Maxim
 At last I can wear sandals. 
- Mrs Sandra Nicholson Nicholson
 Finally a sock that fits my wide swollen feet. 
- Mrs. Sally J Johnson
 Like them very much. Easy to wash and dry. Thanks 
- Sandra Maistros
 It was what I needed for my lemphadema. 
- Shirley Penwell Penwell
 The leg liners were exactly what I needed. My originals were in a sorry state Of replacement. The new liners are an improvement in the material contact. Thanks for a great product. 
- Jeannette Maksim
 I purchased these for my mother who is 75 yrs old and in a nursing home. She suffers from swollen legs and the compression wraps work the best for her. She mentioned that the original pair of leg liners were wearing out so i purchased her two extra pairs of leg liners from you and she says they are great, they fit just like the originals. 
- Theresa A Stark
 I wear these every day under my Lymphedema garment and they keep my skin protected from anything that may irritate it. I also wear them alone under legging, slacks, etc. They are a small extra protection against breaking my skin open if I bump into things. They are soft but have a little compression and I highly recommend them. 
- Peggy Cousins
 These liners work exceptionally great with the compression wraps I use. They are great because they are footless for my use and highly recommended by my therapist. 
- Mrs Deborah Hayes
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