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Comfort Knee-High Socks


Comfort Knee-High Socks by CircAid
Comfort Knee-High Socks are made from cotton, Lycra®, and nylon and are latex-free. Please note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.
This product has 6 reviews.
 They were exactly what we were looking for. 
- Anita J Keeler
 I love these stockings for under my Circaids but they are too short for me. I will order them in the thigh high next time. 
- Ms Gladys M Smiley
 I was having trouble keeping them up but I found that the texture socks work great if you put some lotion on under them. 
- Arlene Aiken
 I am so glad that someone still carries the beige socks. I hate the grey but didn't think I had a choice. 
- Mrs. Pamela Miller
 I really like these they are smooth and cool under the wraps. They become damp and have to be changed morning and night and washed daily, but they stand up to machine wash and tumble dry really well. 
- Ms Lucretia Ls Stevens
 Had I known how much these would improve the comfort of my compression wraps I would have ordered them much sooner. They are so much better, sturdier and smoother, than the stockinettes I received initially years ago. Quick and fair shipping charges. 
- Jennifer C Ford
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