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Comfort EZ Single-Band Ankle-Foot Wrap


Comfort EZ Single-Band Ankle-Foot Wrap by CircAid
The Comfort EZ Single-Band Ankle-Foot Wrap provides compression to the foot and ankle. The wrap is available as a 3" width and can be cut to fit any foot size. It is machine washable

May be worn on the Left or Right foot.
This product has 2 reviews.
3" (2-pack) 
- Mr Wayne A Bowie
 My left foot, section from the front of the arch to the bottom of the toes swell so bad, more than my leg does and the foot at most times is unbearable, throbbing with swelling and so far any compression stockings that I've had do not provide enough compression to the base of the toes to do that area any good at all. Seems like compression socks, stockings or even anklets do not compress that part of my foot and with this Comfort EZ Single Band Ankle Foot Wrap I can make it as compressed as needed and it feels heavenly. In fact it takes the place of any anklet sock for the band is long enough to wrap the whole foot and up my leg to above the ankle a little and I most certainly need that as well for it aids in keeping the largest portion down (again section between the front of my arch to the base of my toes). Ahhh! 
- Betty M M Johnson
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