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Comfort Compression Anklets


Comfort Compression Anklets by CircAid
Available in standard or large sizes, Comfort Compression Anklets™ give light coverage to the foot and ankle. They can be worn with any Juxta-Fit™ or Juxta-Lite™ legging with, or in the place of, an Ankle-Foot Wrap. They are machine washable. The standard size fits an ankle circumference range of 19-27cm and an arch circumference range of 19-36cm. The large size fits an ankle circumference range of 25-50cm and an arch circumference range of 22-41cm.
This product has 32 reviews.
 they were purchased to control the edema in my feet...they have certainly done their job. 
- John R Eldridge
 Quick service, and anklet does the job, better than tape or wrapping! 
- Alfred Leach
 I have been wearing these for years and while I wish there was a size larger they work fine 
- Barbara N Goff
 Works good 
- William A Knuth
 Very Good. 
- William A Knuth
 Works good, holds up well. 
- William A Knuth
 first to try these socks and very happy with them. 
- Mr Clarence Whitt
 Very comfortable and easy to put on. Helps a lot with swelling. 
- Ms Judith Coleman Coleman
 I bought this extra pair for wash and wear purposes. They hold up great to many washings and feel great too. I use them in addition to the foot compression wraps. They do the job. 
- Cynthia Smithdeal
 This works great with the legging package. It washes and holds up great to daily use. It also is working to keep the swelling down in my feet and ankles. I had not seen bone in my feet and ankles until wearing theses. Thanks so much. 
- Cynthia Smithdeal
 I use these as companion pieces to heavy duty Velcro clapped compression appliances to mediate major fluid buildup. They do a great job of controlling any selling in the got and ankle. My lymph therapist is impressed with how effective they have for me and had prescribed me to try the knee high version. 
- David Curtis
- Dennis Shea
 my husband uses them with the stocking and the leggings. they are well made and do not shrink when washed 
- Judith E Ennis
 It does the job of providing compression with comfort. 
- Esther Weiner
 Fit very well. 
- Ms Evie Forrester
 I have the leg wrap and I put the anklets over top of them they work very well. They work on my edema it help to walk with out a heavy leg and foot. 
- Miss Hope C Harn
 works well 
- Joan R Mares
 Love it 
- Jamie Van
 They do a good job of helping keep down the fluid in my foot. I wear them at night. 
- Josephine L Citrin
 Very well-made, compression is comfortable. 
- Ms Lynne Mutchler
 These anklets are the perfect solution for occasions when you are not able to wear the full socks and bracing. They are light and very comfortable, with easy on and off. 
- Margaret M During
 These are great! I wear them under Solaris Ready Wrap foot piece when I am at home. When I go out and wear my shoes I just wear this w/o the foot wrap. 
- Christine L Lovett
 The anklets are awesome with leg wraps to control the swelling in my leg and foot that was affected by a stroke. The beige color is what I wanted and are not noticeable. I'm so glad I found them. 
- Marilyn J Johnson
 The size and compression are perfect 
- Roger F Schrock Schrock
 Wear these over my night time products to uplift ankle area that tends to swell. 
- Nancy J. Albano Albano
 It works, for me. Very easy to put on, comfortable. I can see my ankles again. I'm on the heavier side and this with the leggings, the cover up, the whole "JUXTAFIT KIT"...actually got me up and wanting to do things now with a real smile on my face. 
- Roslyn D Komomua
 No problem with product. 
- Marian R Snipes
 Helps me control my lymphoma from my ankles to my calves. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 
- Robert J Bojanski
- Mrs Judith Hyde
 I have one leg I can't bend. Didn't have any problem putting this on with an aid 
- Mrs. Sandra L Caldwell
 very good 
- Susan E Partridge
 It was just what we were looking for. 
- Cynthia Kiser Kiser
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