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Undersleeve Arm Liner


Undersleeve Arm Liner by CircAid
CircAid Undersleeve Arm Liners are designed to provide a layer of comfort and protection for the skin underneath CircAid compression garments. Designed for everyday use, the Undersleeve Liner is a blend of cotton and Lycra that is soft against the skin and machine washable. Please Note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
This product has 5 reviews.
 I've had Lymphedema of the arm for 18 years and this liner is the softest and most comfortable! The circaid reduction sleeve has been an absolute blessing for me as well. I can wear it day and night since it's a lot more comfortable than many layers of wraps. I've reduced the size of my arm significantly. It is also quick and easy to change the compression because of the Velcro flaps, instant fix when needed. This has made my compliance to wear the garment much easier! These two items are the best purchases I've ever made and therefore are highly recommended. 
- Leslie Swada
- Ms Ruth V Belkey
 I ordered this as a replacement for the out of shape, gauze like liner that originally came with my Sigvaris chip sleeve. This fits so much better and is smooth, eliminating the grooves created by the old liner. Along with a new over-sleeve, the combo have immensely improved the overnight results with the chip sleeve. 
- Joni Lehman
 I love the comfort and feel of my arm liner! 
- Alexia A Taliaferro
 I like this product because it washes up so well. After hang drying, it goes back to "like new". 
- Susan Geraghty
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