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Reduction Kit Full Leg


Reduction Kit Full Leg by CircAid
CircAid's Whole Leg Reduction Kit is a new and revolutionary way of treating lymphedema. Designed for use in the early decongestive phase of treatment, the Reduction kit can serve as an alternative to traditional bandaging and wrapping. Featuring a built-in tension system, the Reduction Whole Leg Kit allows for reliable and repeatable application and offers the ability to make small adjustments to the garment as the leg reduces in size.

With over 100 years of combined experience in creating unique treatment applications, Medi has designed the Reduction Kit with patient freedom and customization in mind. The unique component approach of the Reduction Kit allows the patient to build the optimal compression solution to best fit his or her needs. The Reduction Whole Leg Kit includes: (1) an upper leg reduction kit; (2) a lower leg reduction kit; (3) a knee reduction kit
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Adjustable Compression
Whole Leg
Compression: Adjustable
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 This actually replaces wrapping plus you can ware them all the time and add they get loose ...while wearing them because your limb is shrinking you just easily tighten them without a fuss, the knee area maybe a little fuss because the calf and thigh part over lap still less of a problem than the bandage wrap. They didn't make them10 years ago what a God Send these are, a little pricey but worth it because you don't get flustered. I would recommend having a PT or doctor do measurements to make them fit to you they most likely will need tobe trimmed 1 or 2 tines per week as your legs shrink for a few weeks.which takes about 1/2 hour each leg. Mine came big so a lot had to be trimmed to fit. I ware these under my jeans too (painters pants) which have a little room in them. Hope this helps oh the kit comes with everything for one leg except the foot piece. 
- Jeffrey Olson
 Great - no problems 
- Cynthia Barnes
 Takes some time to learn how to use it properly 
- Allan Blumenthal
 The reduction kit is an amazing tool for reducing lymphaedema of the leg. It can be resized as the leg shrinks. I use it primarily at night now, using my stocking during the day. 
- Josephine L Citrin
 The reduction kit has made a tremendous difference in my legs. I had no idea I had that much fluid in my legs. They have made a great difference in the leg pain also. The compression is very comfortable and much easier to get on than pull on compression. Only change I would make would be to add an attached shin guard. 
- Linda H Mann
 This product is much easier for a caregiver to put on compared to wrapping bandages. It reduces swelling within minutes. It is cumbersome and makes wearing a shoe difficult. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives by far. The sales rep, Rebecca,who demonstrated this product to us and our therapist was excellent and well- informed. 
- Paul E Langley
 This product really helps to keep the swelling under control. 
- Rupert Benson
 Exactly what was needed. Product is holding up as expected. Thanks. 
- Mr. Stephen Gross
 Recommended by my Physical Therapist who specializes in treating lymphodema. Is really helping and seems high quality. PT has been able to cut and adjust as needed. It has been pretty easy to learn to put on! 
- Suzan Windnagel
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