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Reduction Kit Arm by CircAid
CircAid's Arm Reduction Kit is a new and revolutionary way of treating lymphedema. Designed for use in the early decongestive phase of treatment, the Reduction Kit can serve as an alternative to traditional bandaging and wrapping. Featuring a built-in tension system, the Reduction Arm Kit allows for reliable and repeatable application and offers the ability to make small adjustments to the garment as the arm reduces in size.

With over 100 years of combined experience in creating unique treatment applications, Medi has designed the Reduction Kit with patient freedom and customization in mind. The unique component approach of the Reduction Kit allows the patient to build the optimal compression solution to best fit his or her needs. The Reduction Arm Kit includes: (1) a reduction arm component; (2) a pair of arm undersleeves; (3) a reduction hand wrap; (4) a built-in tension system guide card; (5) a paper measuring tape; (6) directions for use
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
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 I’m returning it to exchange for the longer length, which will fit better according to my lymphedema therapist. This is my second sleeve like this. Overall the first one worked well overall and was effective overall for about a year. 
- Mrs Carole J Sincox
 I just had it put on today at Pt. I will see later how the swelling goes down. 
- Rose Bennett Bennett
 I love this product. So much better than having to wrap my arm with compression bandages. 
- Maxcine L Lumpkin
 Keeps my lymph edema under control 
- Jane Mulvihill
- Ms Ruth V Belkey
 I purchased for my mother as she has various issues with swelling of her non-dominant arm and wraps nightly. Once we got her sized within one day - what a difference. 
- Danielle L Rhodes
 I needed help in customizing to my arm, but it's very flexible. I have major swelling issues with my non-dominate arm to the point of lack of circulation issues. I have a desk computer job w/85% typing, filing, phones etc. I wear my nylon sleeve daily and have swelling/tightness in upper arm. I love love love this wrap so much easier and comfortable than all the bandages and reduction of swelling overnight. 
- Danielle L Rhodes
 Very comfortable 
- Ms. Candace Hart Hart
 This was purchased for my mom who is in a nursing home. It is fairly easy to use; however, the staff there don't take the time to apply properly. They do much better with this than the regular compression wrap. I intend to purchase another one. 
- Charlene Jackson
 Has helped with the swelling!! 
- Mr Anthony L Renzullo
 Katie, my OT therapist at Franciscan hospital in Mooresville, Indiana recommended this reduction arm kit. It is working beautifully. I lost 11 centimeters very quickly. Katie and I showed mine to another patient and she wants one. My doctor and I are very pleased. 
- Karla Miller
 Exactly what I needed. Easy to follow directions on YouTube. Great product 
- Donneta Sisson
 It is nice I can put it on myself. It is far better than wrapping it with bandages. 
- Ms. Deborah L Pacer Pacer
 Great product, Since Using, Arm Swelling Is Decreasing The Way The PT Wanted It To. A Little Hard To Get Used To But Is Tolerated So Far 
- James L Modrzynski
 This appliance has resulted in a significant reduction in my swelling and is extremely easy to use. 
- Diane L Lano
 It is easy to use thanks 
- Esperanza Heerlyn
 Seems to be working on arm size reduction. My therapist is happy with the measurements. 
- Diane M Krenek
 This has been a life saver. My arm was so big. This has helped so much. 
- Sandra Holcomb
 My therapist wanted to wrap my arm in bandages to reduce swelling, if I had done that it would have caused a hard time to work. This helped me keep on working so I could continue providing for my family. Thank you 
- Laurie Curcuru
 Very helpful, really works 
- Larisa Karazhova
 The CircAid is a very good product. The liner is soft and nicely finished so it looks and feels good. The only thing I think could improve the liner is make the thumb hole bigger. The bandage alternative part is comfortable so that wearing it all night was a breeze. Taking it off and on was easy to do without assistance. In addition, it can be adjusted to fit as swelling goes down. I definitely recommend this product. 
- Lucinda M Felan
 Wonderful product! This product has greatly reduce my arm swelling. 
- Marlene E Mcdonald
 It's very comfortable to wear at night and doesn't usually bother me. 
- Mrs Nancy A Friel
 This is very comfortable to sleep in, it's pretty flexible. Also it's easy to put on. 
- Mrs Nancy A Friel
 Very comfortable to wear at night to sleep in 
- Mrs Nancy A Friel
 I find this extremely Helpful at night when I wrap my arm to sleep. It's comfortable and not constrictive at all. 
- Mrs Nancy A Friel
 The product is very comfortable and it came really fast. 
- Mrs Nancy A Friel
- Ms Persida Rivera
 Much simpler than wrapping 
- Carol A Fuller Fuller
 It fits well but a little bulky. It has helped reduce the swelling in my arm 
- Mrs Annette M Schaffter
 This is very easy to put on. I can even do it by myself. And it is comfortable to wear all night long. I also purchased the gauntlet in the same style and am very happy with both. They have helped me immensely are SO much easier to put on than the bandage wrapping. 
- Mrs J Connie Davis
 It is easy to use. It has helped with my swelling. I didn't wear it for two days after wearing it for a week and missed it. My arm started up again. I'm keeping it on. 
- Mrs Sheila Reigner
 It's very useful kit 
- Vaibhavraj Jadhav
 Comfortable to wear and easy to adjust with one hand. If you need compression this garment is lightweight and serves that purpose. 
- Mrs Sue E Beers
 The only thing is that sometimes the velcro doesn't work like I would have hoped. Overall though this has been well worth the money that I spent and I would buy it again! 
- Thelma Hendrix
 Very adjustable! Needed some help to trim it and figure it all out. After that, it's a nice product. 
- Cindy Mertins
 I love this product! I've had lymphedema for 10 years and recently had a flair up in my arm. My PT suggested the CircAid arm reduction kit and helped me with ordering and cutting when it arrived. It is SO much better than wrapping!! It's easy to adjust, and the guide card is very helpful. It does the job, helps reduce the swelling, and doesn't take forever to put on and take off. It's so much for comfortable than layers and layers of bandages. I still wear it at night when I sleep to keep my arm in check. Highly recommend! 
- James Zewiski
 Fits good. Seems to be doing the job. 
- Mr. David West
 Great we product. Good quality, prompt delivery. 
- Ms. Nancy Z Quiroz
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