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Reduction Kit Lower Leg


Reduction Kit Lower Leg by CircAid
CircAid's Lower Leg Reduction Kit is a new and revolutionary way of treating lymphedema. Designed for use in the early decongestive phase of treatment, the Reduction Kit can serve as an alternative to traditional bandaging and wrapping. Featuring a built-in tension system, the Reduction Lower Leg Kit allows for reliable and repeatable application and offers the ability to make small adjustments to the garment as the leg reduces in size.

With over 100 years of combined experience in creating unique treatment applications, Medi has designed the Reduction Kit with patient freedom and customization in mind. The unique component approach of the Reduction Kit allows the patient to build the optimal compression solution to best fit his or her needs. The Reduction Lower Leg Kit includes: (1) a reduction lower leg component; (2) a leg undersleeve; (3) a reduction shelf strap; (4) six hook and loop straps; (5) a built-in tension system guide card; (6) a paper measuring tape; (7) directions for use
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Adjustable Compression
Knee-High Legging
Compression: Adjustable
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 I've had this wrap before and it's very comfortable considering how you would rather not have one on at all. Great service and when a new set is needed this is the company I'd go to. Also, they have a person you can personally talk to if there is a question. Great company to do business with. 
- Mrs Janet M Stutler
 I have used compression "socks" for years. My medical products store recommended this system and I love it. Problem was I'm 5'1" and they gave me long ones. I have purchased one short one and have 5 more on the way. When I put the new short one on, my leg goes, "Aaaa." Make sure you wash them properly and replace when recommended. 
- Judy Miller
 Excellent service 
- Robert Rosenthal
 This product I have been using for about a month now. My calf has been reduced by 3" and my ankle is only 1/4" bigger than my other ankle, before it was 2 5/8" larger than my other ankle. I have used compression stockings for 7 years and they pinched my ankle and knee and was painful. This product doesn't hurt one bit and it does take the swelling down where the compression stockings never reduced it one bit. I can't believe that my leg is nearly normal and with it's help, I believe that it will be normal in a few more weeks. It continues to reduce the swelling. 
- Linda M Lawson
 They're confusing to put on, but work exactly as advertised. MY therapist is quite pleased with my 2 weeks progress. I wear them approximately 12 hours per day and have to be careful putting them on so that they don't pinch while working out at the gym. I would recommend then to fellow lymphedema patients. 
- William Shaefer
 great product 
- Mr Clarence Whitt
 I love the ease of putting on the wraps. It does control the swelling and the material is very light. 
- Deborah A Herring
 The reduction kit is a great product. This product is very durable and comfortable to wear. This is the second one that I have purchased. The first one is still functional, but I now need one for my other leg. My legs have responded quickly to wearing this garment. 
- Ms Diana R Inman
 best ever thing for control of massive swelling of legs and can be adjusted easily as swelling goes down. saves me from having to go to therapy for wrapping 
- Diane M Comly
 This is the best option for people with constant problems with swelling in legs.It is easy to use and results are seen within days. Also much better than the wrap therapy because of the fabric has both foam and wrap material combined. also velcro closures allow to change size as legs go down and also shower and moisturize daily. 
- Diane M Comly
 The wraps are the best alternative to uncomfortable support stockings. Much easier to take off and put on by yourself. I just wish they were made of a material that is more breathable. 
- Tamara Durrant
 Feels supportive , easy to put on, cleans easy, 
- Ms Diane S Anderson
 After 4 years of lymphedema in my legs, this adjustable compression sock, when applied over a foot constricting undersock, finally resulted in decreasing the edema. It does this without constricting at the ankles or knees as ordinary pressure hose does. It requires professional assistance to fit the sock to the leg,and is easy to apply with the guidelines provided. 
- Edith Hendley
 A therapist recommended this product for my leg and so far it has worked for my problem. 
- Mr Edward J Osinski
 We LOVE this product! It is so easy to use. We showed our Dr. and he wanted all the info on them. He had never seen them. Our sister-in-law is a nurse and she said she always wondered why someone didn't make a product like this. It is comfortable and is working to reduce the swelling. Thank you! 
- Mr Earl R Hughes Jr
 This is the most comfortable product I have every used. I was amazed at how well it works. We had to return the first piece but the one I am using now is amazing. The customer service is first rate. 
- Carolyn Brickner
 Very good. Much easier than support stockings. 
- Glenn A Ganoe
 After 5 years of a complicated compression bandaging regimen involving 17 pieces for each leg, we reached a plateau, with no improvement. After this product was introduced to us, we have had great results in comfort and reduction. When my brother was hospitalized recently, the medical staff asked me to wrap his legs there, and they were impressed with the results! 
- Beverly A Hair
 Feels comfortable around the calf of my leg. You need to add another set of clothe sleeves because this is ridiculous have to do laundry every other night. 
- Janine Schulz
 Work well easy to use. 
- Juan D Pico
 Great for wearing at home. The compression has been very helpful. 
- Joan Purcell
 Just what my therapist wanted for me. 
- John W Kauffman
 At first I didn't care for this product. It takes a bit of work to cut so it fits correctly. This should be expected if you purchase as it is a two part system. It is very good at reducing swelling and highly recommend. 
- James A Stark
 Perfect to have extras as the Velcro does wear but makes movement so much more comfortable 
- Maryjo Nelson
 Comfortable &effective product 
- Kristin Von Elling
 A life saver. Easy to use! Highly recommend! 
- Kristin Von Elling
 This products is great I recommend anyone that are having any problems that need these products please get them cause they help out a lot. 
- Mr Larry D Aallen
 After trimming it is working great. 
- Lawrence C Giesman
 The Reduction Kit is the most adjustable and adaptable compression garment I recommend to my patients, especially if it is an odd shaped limb. My patients have gotten great results by using this garment as directed. 
- Lisa A Brown
 So far they are doing a great job. They reduced my legs even more since I am using them 
- Lois Gerken
 Love the product, and it's helped me tremendously. Thank you 
- Mrs Debra A Clark
 This lower leg reduction kit has done wonders for my legs, I now have a better quality of life 
- Mrs Debra A Clark
 Fast shipping and the compression set is very good quality 
- Andrea Minier
 I ordered these for my great aunt and her swelling has gone down significantly!!! Very good product 
- Emma Foster
 Good product. Very Help[ful. 
- Orvid B Jeppson
 easy to put on and comfortable (as comfortable as something like this can be)...i would check with doctor or therapist prior to ordering if a compression sock is also needed...i failed to do this and discovered later that i needed a crew sock to wear with the wrap... 
- Patricia H Woodcock
 I am using the piece and seeing success. 
- Suzanne Gosney
 I was worried that I would not want to wear them 24 hours a day but I was pleasantly surprised that they are comfortable enough and really don't bother me too much. I'm happy I got them 
- Shelly Bladow
 Just got them fitted, so have only had them on a few days, so far so good. 
- Theresa A Stark
 It is really nice that I could "alter" the wrap to better fit the shortness of my calves. it is easy to use, and works well. 
- Valerie A Pittier
 Affordable leg garment, and works well. Reduction kit has reduced my leg alot since I started using it. 
- Venus D Benjamin
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