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Juxta-Lite Standard Legging


Juxta-Lite Standard Legging by CircAid
The Juxta-Lite™ Standard Legging is an easy alternative for those who lack the strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings and bandages. The standard legging is available in two lengths, Short and Long, and in sizes ranging from Small to XXL with three full calf options. It features: (1) adjustable assured compression levels (20-30, 30-40, or 40-50 mmHg); (2) cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene® material; (3) the patented Juxta-Lock™ Band System for easy application; (4) two odor eliminating compressive undersocks; (5) a BPS measurement card for accurate compression; (6) 6 month warranty; (7) limited linear stretch material that hugs the limb. It is machine washable.

We have limited availability of the previous version of the Juxta-Lite. Please call 866-445-9674 to order.
This product has 133 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Lower Legging
Compression: Adjustable
Lower Legging with Ankle-Foot Wrap
Compression: Adjustable
 wish we could get this easier for many of my residents with edema before they develop ulcers. Dennis had to pay out of pocket for his mother, and they have done wonders for her circulation. 
- Dennis C Korpela
 My Juxta-Lite leggings are comfortable, easy to use and saves so much time vs. wrapping! I'm very satisfied with this product. For me, the ankle has too much compression, so I don't use them. 
- Ms. Gerry L Gable
- Mrs Leona Mccormick
 This product is so much easier to get on than compression stockings. I have been using them for 2 years and highly recommend them. 
- Mr. Milo M Mielke
 The Leggings did work, however, when putting them on they wrinkle. If they were smaller, this problem would be eliminated and they would perform better. If you can HELP I would greatly appreciate it! 
- Gloria Demko
 I bought a juxta-Lite Standard Legging with Compression Anklet about 2 months a go I liked it so much I bought another one for the other leg. My left leg has been swelling up for almost 1 year and the right leg started swelling about 6 months ago & I have been to 2 different foot doctors, family doc. & vein doctor but still kept swelling. Tried compression socks & would elevate my legs at night still nothing. After we started wrapping my leg it was down to its normal size in a 1 1/2 week. Thank you to the physical therapist (J. G.) for recommending it!!! 
- Michael S. Meeks
 I am very pleased with the results from wearing this garment. I wear one on both legs. Circumference of my legs is reduced, and the flesh on the legs is tighter, with less swelling. My husband helps me put the garments on. I prefer these for comfort over wearing graduated compression stockings, which dug into my ankles. With these, the bootie is seperate from the leg wrap, so it is easier to put padding over the ankle where my legs are sore. I can remove these garments to shower, and my husband puts them on after the shower. Now I do not have to go up to the hospital, which I had to do three times a week when I was being bandaged. The manufacturer makes a foot component in the same neoprene, which is available if necessary, but for me the supplied “pull over the foot” bootie is doing a nice job of preventing the feet from swelling. There is a spare foot bootie in the box so that one can be washed while the other is worn. The garment is well made. The garment even has printed on lines to shiw how tight the tension is for each loop, and there is a card which you can compare the lines on the garment with the lines on the card to see that each strap is tensioned the correct amount. After a few days of use it took only a thurd the amount of time that our first time of application took. I had been having severe nerve pain in my feet which woke me up at about 2 am, when I would have to walk for about an hour and then try to sleep again, with difficulty. After about a week, the severe nerve pain stopped happening, and has not come back. I had not expected so much improvement in nerve pain. My physical therepist says that I am walking more quickly and confidently. If I has better function in my arms, I think I could put these garments on By myself, or perhaps I will be able to do this alone after I have had more practice. I think that they are easier to don than putting on graduated compression stockings is. 
- Mrs Julia Snyder
 My mother's leg swelling has been controlled by wearing these! And she can manage to put on and take off independently!!!!! 
- Nadine Roskens Roskens
 works well it takes a little bit making sure it overlaps and learning to grasp it appropriately but notice a difference already 
- Mr Michael A Mcphee
 works well 
- Robert Crockett
 easy. convenient, good results 
- Colette M Herrin
 It is easy to put on. And that is what I wanted, so I am pleased with the product. 
- Brad G Smith
 Works good. Very happy. 
- William A Knuth
 Works good, and really helps 
- William A Knuth
 We've used this product in the past, and it works great. So much easier to put on than the heavy duty compression stockings , and as I get older that was getting very difficult due to diminished strength in my hands. 
- Delores Schons
 This is our replacement after a year of using them on my husband at the recommendation of our Therapist. They do the job and become easy to use after the learning process. 
- Mrs Norma J Bledsoe
 I was pleasantly surprised how effective this was helping with my lymphedema. 
- Robert Pflugfelder
 Works well. Washable. 
- Cecelia Boomer
 This product is a life changer and saver, and it WORKS! Easy to get on and provides support to your liking. Velcro is professional grade. Washable, line dry and comfortable. Highly Recommend these socks as well as this websites Customer Service! 
- Tricia P Kelley
 This is my second year with this product. Stood up to the wear and tare of regular use. I will buy it again. 
- Roberet A Rousw
 I'm very happy with them. 
- Brandy Wallace Wallace
 We could not believe the positive difference that these leg and foot wraps made in reducing the size of my husband's legs and feet. It's obvious that they do exactly what they are supposed to do! 
- Harriet A Baggarly
 I really like my product and it's easy to put on thank you. 
- Dena Butler
 I have been using the standard legging for about a month and the results have been dramatic. I have been using support stockings for 3-4 years plus a lymphatic pump for about 8 months. The leggings and the pump really do a job in reducing leg fluid. 
- Robert Heidecker
 I find that the product was exactly what I needed and still easy to learn to wrap correctly. Product \was also of good material which holds up even after several washings. 
- Carol Valdez-tavarez
 They seem to be fulfilling their purpose. 
- Kelly A Harris
 Works well. Is really helping my Mom 
- Mrs Betty J Grosshans
 Works well. Is really helping my Mom. 
- Mrs Betty J Grosshans
 This legging is very helpful for keeping swelling down. 
- Ms. Carol J. Robinson
 The Juxta-Lite Standard Legging with Compression Anklet is very helpful in keeping swelling down. 
- Ms. Carol J. Robinson
 This product is very helpful to me. 
- Ms. Carol J. Robinson
 Worn with the leg liner, Juxta-Lite really does keep my swelling down. 
- Ms. Carol J. Robinson
 I love the new compression "socks" that came with the leggings. No more "cutting in" my lower legs, like with the anklets that were included previously. Wish I could order more. 
- Cindy S Sopczynski
 I love it this helps so much My swelling has gone done alot! I love this product! 
- Tina Martin
 It is much better than using several rolls of short stretch bandages to wrap your legs. 
- Danny J Thompson
 Very good product. 
- Dave Brockmann
 These have helped the redness,burning,sticking and swelling in my FEET and legs so much. Wish I had been told of these about 15 years ago 
- Debby H Perry
 Very easy to use compared to other traditional stockings and very comfortable. 
- Denise C Moreau
 they are comfortable easy to apply and the results are tremendous my therapist was really surprised by the results. i am thinking of ordering another set 
- Dennis M Bovey
 I have been using this product for several years. I need to control edema in my lower legs and feet, and due to other problems cannot get on compression stockings. These wraps solve that problem and I . recommend them to anyone who needs such compression. 
- Donald J. J Wagner
 Fits well, washes easily, Helps stop swelling! 
- Diana L Dickerson
 awesome product 
- Donna Lj Beaupre Beaupre
 Easy to order--first order came and fits so ordered one for the other leg. 
- Donna Lj Beaupre Beaupre
 Very easy to apply and remove. I purchased these to go to doctor appointments as they always want to check my legs. These wraps allow easy access instead of having several wraps that need assistance to remove. Only downside is the Velcro sticks to all clothing so make sure you secure it properly 
- Ms Yolanda Remusat
 this really works . if you you need it just do it get it 
- Dwandi Boone
 I went through a HUGE amount of frustration trying to find compression solutions for my legs. These wraps are wonderfully comfortable. I don't feel closed in and they are working. I do have a problem with the anklet but I have someone to help me. Thank you for this product. 
- Patsy E Koestner
 Very pleased with this product. Comfortable to wear and easy to get on. Much less expensive than the Velcro straps previously purchased elsewhere and works just as well. 
- Edwin Smith
 This product has made it so that I am able to put it on myself. I am able to adjust the tension and the product is great. 
- Mrs Danelle M De Young
 I highly recommend Juxta - standard legging with compression anklet. I noticed a difference immediately. They are very comfortable. The inner sock is extremely soft and comfortable against your skin. The only bad thing is the compression sock is a large (which hangs off my foot) and that is the only size they have, my own socks provides more compression. 
- Kathryn I Eib
 We love these wraps. My mom's legs never looked so good. The velcro is strong, holds good.....making the compression on her legs consistent from ankle to knee. A day Mother likes having them on, She says her legs feel better with them on. She can't put them on or take them off herself, the velcro holds so tiget and she uses her grabber. These we leave on 2 or 3 days, that's a nice plus too for families who don't live together...we can't always be there every day. Good product, I highly recommend. 
- Debra Vaughn
 exceptional product, excellent shipping, highly recommend 
- Donald Winans
 After putting them on for the first time it is easy. I wear them every day and won't go without them. A great product 
- Frances E Blowers
 Exactly as described, easy in wrapping each leg and the measuring card insured popper tension. 
- Willard Holbrook
 It is easy to put on. I wear it at night when I don't want to wrap with bandages. Works very well. 
- Lavonne Fritschy
 Very easy to apply and adjust. 
- Walter Blacha
 Works really well and is so much better than the ace wraps. They are hot but well worth the end result. The problem I would see is that they don't last more than about six months and they are expensive but they definitely are worth it!! 
- Virginia Stachokus
 Love them. Comfortable, do not dig into leg, have worn them to bed and slept like a baby even with them on. Highly recommend 
- Gayle Mello
 Easy to put on, easy to adjust pressure, comfortable and works well quickly. 
- Mr. Stanley H. Rogers Jr.
 they work great, my 2nd set , i use them on both legs, the velcro does seem to wear out sooner than i would like, to bad there are not some kind of replacements, 
- Hazel Remagen
- Ms Jane W Berryman
- Jenny Aguilar
 Easier than my first experience with these stockings. 
- Ms Jennie C Sumler Sumler
 Wraps fit well! 
- Betty Haas
 probably saved my girl friends life! 
- Mr Jerry W Carpenter
 I like these for the ease of use. Putting these on every morning is a snap. They do take a little time getting used to. I have tried regular compression socks and they can be difficult to put on but Juxta-Lite are so much easier. They feel great on your legs. I would definitely recommend these to anyone in need of compression socks. 
- Joseph D Nycz
 It does what I need 
- Joyce Novak
 I just love this product. They are so easy to get on compared to what I had before. The compression is great and can be adjusted throughout the day if needed. I love the compression socks also - they take care of the tops of my feet and ankles. 
- Jeanne Della-maggiore
 I have been using this product several years now, recently I found this site and if you don't have insurance that will cover this product, this is the site to come to. 
- Karen Spann Spann
 Easy to use. Quality made. Fast dely. 
- Ms. Katherine J. Dudy
 I have been very pleased with the CircAid wraps. They are very comfortable and certainly are easier to use than the standard wraps. They have also worked so well that after a few weeks, I will be moving to a smaller size due to the reduction of the circumference of my legs. They can slip a bit in the course of the day, but they are easy to readjust. 
- Dory Kessler
 Decreases leg swelling works well not hard to put on. 
- Ronald V Long Long
 great product 
- Ronald D Burnett
 Beautifully designed; user-friendly. 
- Kathleen Leid
 Very helpful 
- Karen Ravenscroft
 I like them but the costs are getting higher. 
- Ms. Rebecca L Lake
 So easy to put on and take off. No binding anywhere. 
- Ms Rebecca L Lake
 Much better than compression soxs 
- Larry Dun
 It works 
- Dina Newman
 It works 
- Md Larry K Broadwell
 Arrived quickly. Fits perfectly. Helps greatly with edema from vein removal from both legs for cardiac bypass surgery. 
- Linda M Fields
 Fit perfectly. Easy to put on off. Easy to wash. 
- Linda M Fields
 Very easy to use. 
- Loretta M Griffin
 The wraps are easy on and off, not a struggle like compression socks are. I appreciated the great customer service provided in helping me buy the correct size. 
- Lynn Pond
 Work as they should worth the money well made 
- Daniel Eggleston
 Well fitting, feels comfortable, and has clear instructions. 
- Mark Harold Adkins
 They have been instrumental in keeping my legs free of excessive water 
- Marjorie Cadden
 What a time saver! So easy to use, launders well, fits great. Adjusts easily. 
- Marguerite Burg
 After wrapping my legs for over 10 years; being introduced to this product is literally life changing. They work wonderfully for my needs. They are very comfortable, easy to use and apply, and extremely effective in controlling my lymphadenopathy situation. 
- Mary K Kelleher
 I was purchasing a second legging. Unfortunately I ordered a medium instead of a small. I like the product very much but do need the size small. 
- Mrs Maureen A Chandler
 Great product - lightweight but sturdy. 
- Tammie Burroughs
 Excellent and favorite. It's lightweight, very comfortable, easy to applt, lasts longer than compression socks. The undersock sizing is perfect and longer to fold over the wrap around. I appreciate the large foot shape that doesn't badly squeeze my toes together. Its very comfortable. I wish I would have started with this system instead of 20-30 compression socks. 
- Maryanne Palumbo
 Nice simple-to-use compression wrap for the calves. I have used this type for many years. To me, the one main advantage over some of the others is that the velcro bands do not overlap; allowing me to loosen them, without taking them off, when I go to bed. 
- Mr Robert E E Ray E Ray
 This is a good product to apply compression and still be mobile to move about the house. 
- Jennifer Coffin
 Legging is good quality and velcro holds very well. They last a long time. 
- Jeanette Lair
 WOW!! If I only new about these leggings two years ago,I wouldn't have been torched with those tight ass socks WE ALL KNOW TO WELL!!! Not only are these extremely easy to apply but they actually work and with no doubt they work 100% better then those socks most of us have such a hard time putting them on and some that can't get them on at all plus,not leaving painful indentations right below your knees becuz of torching tightness. My leg's have never felt so good in years and look good too!! I wish everyone could experience the use of these. My only down fall about the leggings are I think they are a little pricey but WORTH every penny! 
- Nancy Neapolitano
 This product is amazing and my husband said they are so comfortable. I was very frustrated with the other product he had. We are totally satisfied now. 
- Bernice Adkins
 Easy to use, effectively provides more comfort in my leg. 
- Carolyn Schoenweitz
 The Juxta-Lites are wonderful. My mom went through the thick, physical therapy applied leg wraps first for her dependent edema. She has been wearing the Juxta-Lites for several weeks now. Her legs have not retained any fluid again. The Juxta-Lites are easy to put on and mom seems very comfortable in them. We are very impressed and thankful for your product. 
- Sherri Yates Yates
 Fits great 
- Earl Reiser
 Your product is more comfortable than the compression stockings I was later fitted for and, by far, much easier to put on and remove. In addition, I can wear your product throughout the night if necessary, but cannot do likewise with the stockings. I am really pleased with the level of relief your product provides. 
- Mrs. Patricia A Clifford
 Great. Did what I needed. Cleared my open wounds. 
- Paul Cutright
 Works well it's a lot easier than wrapping, still trying to get sock not to be so tight around ankle. It's worth every penny. 
- Guy W Johnson
 So much better in every way from having to wrap the bandages. Faster to use, much more comfortable and convenient, easy to wear under clothing, wonderful results and more. Just can't say anything bad about this product. 
- Patricia Kremin
 Well constructed - very satisfied 
- Clarence K Plein
 Easier on and off than compression hose and the compression can be adjusted if needed. I use these with the foot/ankle piece and it works well. 
- Martine Baschnonga
 Prior to obtaining this product I was spending more than an hour each night wrapping and taping my legs. Now 10 minutes and I am done. Wonderful product. 
- Benson D Skelton
 Very comfortable and doing its job! 
- Mrs Paula J Reeder
 I hate it but I love it. Wish I didn't have to use it but it really does make a difference in the daily swelling - I am able to adjust the pressure during the day - unlike compression socks thar are one size throughout the day 
- Kaethe Andersen
 Very good item. 
- Robert H H Howard
 This is a good product. They are made to last. They are not hard to put on and comfortable to wear. 
- Robert P Rorie
 This product has been keeping my lymphedema under control. They're easy to put on, and effective. 
- Richard Pitts
 Purchased for my 86 year old mother who has chronic edema. This product has been used for 2 years with great success. The legging lasts for at least a year before having to replace it. This is her 3rd set. Since using this legging she has not had any open lesions that weep fluid caused from severe edema. We are thankful we found this item. 
- Rhonda Leckrone
 It works like its suppose to work - easy to use and does the job 
- Ronald R Wingerson
 This compression anklet works great, easy to put on & washes easily in the washer. 
- Judith Vaillancourt
 Very good 
- Susan A Miller
 Great service - outstanding product 
- Mr. Steven C Cates
 I was not able to put them on or take them off. The p/t department of the skilled nursing facility did. I found them to be very comfortable. 
- Michael Bencik
 Love the way its fits on my legs 
- Sharron Jones
 I like it 
- Shirley Lashley
 good price, fast fulfillment, great customer service, whats not to love. 
- Stephen A Owens Owens
 This is great product that does the job! 
- Mr Ken Barnes
 Very easy to put on 
- Tom Gerris
 Bought this for my husband who has VAD and it is great. Keeps the swelling down. 
- Mrs Rita A Gallagher
 Great product for helping manage lymphedema. Easy to use and adjust throughout the day. 
- Tracy H Wimberley
 This product has controlled my right rigid leg edema, and the compression adjustable system is just what I needed for my particular case, since usual stockings could not be handled due to my stifness condition. 
- Dr. Guillermo F Miranda
 They work great ! 
- Rick Wait
 This product,for me,works much better than any wrap or compression sock that i`ve used.Great support and mobility! 
- William T Gall Gall
 I wish I would have known about this product a few years ago.I would highly recommend this product.This wrap is lightweight,easy to use and I sometimes forget I have it on. 
- William T Gall
 Very comfortable and easy to get on. They seem to be helping my legs. Much better than wraps. 
- Christine M Masri
 Easy to use 
- Lorraine B Wilson
 The product is excellent 
- Richard E Reed
 Great product! So much better than the compression socks that I tried before. They cut into my leg and we’re unbearable. Your product are easily adjustable and easy to put on and off. Thy have greatly reduced the swelling in my leg. That is why I gave it five stars! 
- Martin D Buchman
 Make sure you get the size right and it works miracles for dealing with Lymphedema and swelling of the legs. Changed my life completely. I highly recommend it. 
- Peggy Cousins
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