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Juxta-Lite HD Legging


Juxta-Lite HD Legging by CircAid
The CircAid Juxta-Lite HD compression wrap is made from more robust material with higher containment than the original Juxta-Lite and is meant for patients with severe swelling and edema. The Juxta-Lite HD lower leg system features adjustable assured compression levels (20-30, 30-40, and 40-50 mmHg) by using a patented built-in pressure system (BPS) to set the desired compression easily and consistently. The EZ-On panel system allows for easy donning and adjustability without having to remove the wrap. Constructed with light-weight Breath-O-Prene material ensures cool breathability, and the limited linear stretch material hugs the limb for a comfortable secure fit. Each Juxta-Lite HD Kit includes the lower leg compression garment, 2 odor eliminating compressive undersocks, and 1 BPS measurement card. Each Juxta-Lite HD Kit has a 6-month warranty and is machine washable.
This product has 32 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Lower Legging
Compression: Adjustable
 The only thing that helps with my wife's legs 
- Sherryl Buchmann
 These compression wraps were suggested because my husband's compression socks were getting too difficult for me to put on him. The wraps are a lot easier to manage. 
- Dotty Hettel
 Easy to get on and off 
- Angelo Castro
 It feels so good. 
- Angelo Castro
- Antoine Williams
 The velcro holds very tight. The sock is not itchy and I don't get too hot. I highly recommend. 
- Wendi Bottoms
 The leggings work very well. Would have liked it if they were black on the outside instead of tan. 
- Donald Platzer
 This Juxta-Lite legging is easy to put on since it only has 4 velcro tabs. It keeps its elasticity for 7 + months. 
- Jean Allord Allord
 It was for my wife,has help very much. 
- Edward W Koeller
 easiest to put on and compression in the sock also 
- Frank P Fugiel
 Works Great! My swelling has gone way down 
- George J Anastos
 The legging is really doing it's job. Very happy! 
- David Hammerly
 Easy enough to get on if you are a person with no mobility issues. The velcro is the strongest I have ever encountered. Sometimes it is so strong that it is a tad difficult to take them off. 
- Helen Hubbard
 Love this product. Wish had lower price. 
- Lisa Hunter
 The Juxta-Lite HD Legging fits perfectly and is easy to adjust without having to completely remove it. I recommend this. 
- Janet Daspit
 Good product and easy to use. 
- Judith Rogers
 Great product. Flexible and low profile 
- Jordan Griffin
 You offer an excellent product that really works - a classy company 
- James Mislak
 Much easier to apply compared to compression that has to be slipped over the foot. I have arthritis in my knees so I don't have to strain bending to apply. I love the liners included. 
- Karen Kotora
 I used to wear support hose but they pinched my ankles. This does the job a little better without any discomfort. In fact I tried sleeping with it on the first day I had it and had no problems at all. 
- Linda D Cles
 I love this lower leg wrap. It saves so much time. 
- Sharon J Cusic
 Works well and has help with reducing swelling 
- Mike Dangelo
 These are amazing! This was a perfect transition from bandaging to be able to increase my independence until my compression socks are ready. :) 
- Megan L Thomas
 I am pleased with results of wearing this product. 
- Ms. Rosanne M. Denaro
 Great makes leg feel better 
- Shirley Houser
 Works wonderful. Legs feel much better 
- Thomas D Strickland
 I love it! I can walk a bit further. Stand a bit longer. 
- Tammie Smith
 Love them! They work! 
- Mrs Ruby M Trice
 Easy to use nice & warm in the winter ,a little too warm in the summer but they keep my swelling from lymphedema down 
- Vickie S Thompson
 I got myJuxta-lite HD leggings CircAid in September 2020 & have been using them for 5 months they are pretty easy to use & keep the swelling under control. 
- Vickie S Thompson
 More convenient than wrapping 
- Vickie S Thompson
 The wraps are easy to put on and do what they're supposed to do. The only issue I have is that they slide down the leg. 
- Mrs Yvonne J Voss
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