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Juxta-Fit Interlocking Ankle-Foot Wrap


Juxta-Fit Interlocking Ankle-Foot Wrap by CircAid
This interlocking ankle-foot wrap is for the CircAid® Juxta-Fit™ Legging System, which incorporates state-of-the-art materials with a simple patented design to create one of the most comfortable and effective compression devices ever. The Juxta-Lock™ Band System allows for quick and easy application and minimal adjustments that help maintain compression levels, a comfortable fit, and better patient outcomes with lymphedema or venous disease treatment. The material utilizes limited linear stretch technology along the length of the device that hugs the contours of the leg, reduces slipping, and makes the use of foam inserts virtually unnecessary. Adjusting the bands of the device to a firm and comfortable compression achieves therapeutic levels of gradient compression and can be worn 24 hours a day with the bands being slightly loosened for night time wear. The Juxta-Fit is specially designed to use varying bandwidths to control and assure gradient compression throughout the entire length of the device regardless of limb shape. The Juxta-Fit features: (1) cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene™ material; (2) the patented Juxta-Lock Band System for easy on/off; (3) antimicrobial SILVERtec™ lining; (4) controlled bandwidth gradient compression; (5) limited linear stretch material that hugs the limb; (6) contour reducing slippage; (7) 100% machine washable; (8) 1 year warranty

Please note this product is non-returnable.
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Adjustable Compression
Ankle-Foot Wrap
Compression: Adjustable
 Excellent service. 
- Robert Rosenthal
 Very good quality and this night sock worked for me. Four weeks in and I can see the difference. 
- Juan D Pico
 Very good quality and this sock worked for me. Four weeks in and I can see the difference. 
- Juan D Pico
 Very good product, very adjustable. 
- James A Stark
 Great relief! Very well made. Shipped quickly! 
- Kimberly Komrosky
 Very comfortable 
- Phyllis Hibberd
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