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Compressive Undersock


Compressive Undersock by CircAid
The CircAid Compressive Undersocks are designed to be worn under any CircAid compression wrap for additional comfort and support compression to the foot and ankle. Comfortable and easy to apply, the Compressive Undersocks are available in moderate compression (15-25 mmHg) and firm compression (25-35 mmHg) to suit your individual needs. CircAid Compressive Undersocks feature anti-microbial properties that eliminate odor and reduces the chance of infection. They are thin enough to be worn under clothing and compression wraps, and thick enough to provide additional padding, making them convenient for all types of wear.
This product has 27 reviews.
Pair 15-25 mmHg
Pair 25-35 mmHg
 I was being treated for swollen ankles and was using the undersocks that came with the leg wraps. My therapist thought I needed compression on my feet as well, and she recommended these socks. They are great! The sock is thick and well-padded along the sole. The leg portion is just sock material, which is all that's needed under the leg wraps. You can feel the compression in the foot when they are being worn. 
- Mrs Sandra Overmyer
 I love these socks. They stay up, compression works wonderfully, the padded bottom feels great. You cannot go wrong with this out item! 
- Audrey E Seebold
 Just right 
- Antoine T Williams
 Expands the way it should for heavy legs. It makes my legs feel better all day. 
- Ms Beverly A Cardona Cardona
- Nora Connor
 Great for compression throughout the day prevent further edema swelling. 
- Dolores P Curtis Curtis
 Does a great job of holding edema down in foot and ankle. 
- Diana Arnold
 Good fit, helps keeping legs from holding water. 
- Dannie J Harden
 These are good quality and easier to put on since only the foot has compression. Very comfortable too. 
- Donna R Belbeck Belbeck
 Very comfortable, but quite pricey!! 
- Eugene F Koren
 Easy to put on; very supportive. 
- Evelyn Moeykens
 I use the light compression stocking every day and it helps keep the swelling down in my legs and feet. Occasionally I have torn a couple of these stockings and they are pricey to replace. They are for the most part pretty robust and are better than those that you get in the hospital. 
- Francis Topolski
 Love it 
- Joanne Clark
 These are much better than the ankle foot wrap to wear with leg wraps. Great compression, comfortable fit, and easy to put on. Definitely a winner for me. I wish I had gotten these instead of the ankle foot wraps, and now that I have them I don't need the uncomfortable ankle foot wraps anymore. 
- Joan Purcell
 Very good compression sock. Very comfortable, stays up great ,durable and strong material. Have had some over a year and they are still in perfect condition, haven't stretched out any at all. Worth every penny I paid. I would highly recommend for anyone who needs support for their calves and ankles. 
- Mr. John P Kiernan Kiernan
 I wish I would have gotten the XL Moderate because the Large Mod. is a little too short for a size 11 foot. 
- Karen M Richards
 I recommend these! 
- Ms Laura Miller
 I use the Standard/Firm product/ The compression is very good and the sock after many washings, remains very firm as advertised. 
- Richard J. Mannini
 no complaints 
- Mr. Robert C. Milton
 I really appreciate the compression that these socks offer under my wraps. 
- Mona L Greening
 Very comfortable 
- Mirta Perez
 Wasn't sure if I could get them on over my calf, but they seem to fit very nicely. Am very happy with the product 
- Roger F Schrock Schrock
 Very comfortable! 
- Paula Jean Settle
 Very pleased with the quality of this product 
- Clarence K Plein
 To early to tell. 
- Robert L Pomerantz
 Very nice 
- Mr Michael A Salmon
 Love them , very comfortable 
- Suzan P Kidney
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