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ChipPad Half Radial


ChipPad Half Radial by Sigvaris
Sigvaris ChipPads are filled with open-cell foam chips in channel formations to gently stimulate and massage fibrotic tissue to facilitate movement and drainage of lymph fluid. Each ChipPad features moisture wicking properties that stretch to provide form-fitting comfort. The ChipPad Half Radial pathways create low pressure channels to promote lymph fluid drainage.
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Single Pad 15cm x 25cm
 i bought this product as a pair, i had a double mass. and had lymph drainage issues. wearing these under my compression garment is a life saver. makes the garment more comfortable and much less fluid build up. 
- Lynda Brown
 Great for lymphedema of the breast place under any bra to provide compression. Bulky but works well to provide relief 
- Sandra Iannotti Iannotti
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