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Caresia MCP to Axilla


Caresia MCP to Axilla by Solaris
Caresia Bandage Liners simplify complex multi-layered bandaging protocols by providing an alternative to foam liners, stockinette, and gauze. Caresia garments are designed for the active phase of therapy and are manufactured with the same technology as Solaris' custom Tribute garments to maximize therapeutic results. Patients simply donn the Caresia then wrap the recommended series of bandage layers on top of the bandage liner.

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This product has 12 reviews.
Bandage Liner
Compression: Not Applicable
 I have worn this every night for over four years, along with a compression shelf tank and a breast swell spot. Easy to put on at bedtime and remove upon waking. I truly believe this sleeve has helped immeasurably in keeping my stage 0-1 lymphedema in check and significantly aided in prevention of further stage advancement. 
- Rebecca Davis
 love it been then the day one I now wear this arm liner every night to help 
- Bonnie Lewerenz
 love it been then the day one 
- Bonnie Lewerenz
 So much easier and comfortable than wrapping my fingers and hand every night. 
- Ms Carol M Tayloe
 Very comfortable and effective. 
- Mrs Diane N Swope
- Dr Doris Wineman
 I had my first one of these for several years and when it came time to replace it, I wouldn't have anything else. I had tried others over the years but nothing compared to the Caresia! 
- Geary Rogers
 I wear this every night. I always think that it is not tight enough, but when I wake up each morning, I have the wrinkles in my arm so I know that it does work. I do combine wrapping with this on the recommendation of my physical therapist. It does help. 
- Mrs. Beverly A Labuda
 I wear this product at night, paired with the Caresia glove, to replace my daytime compression garments. It is comfortable and effective. 
- Barbara J Lucas
 This is a great product. I wear it at night, paired with the Caresia glove, as a comfortable change from my daytime compression sleeve. It's both comfortable and effective. 
- Barbara J Lucas
 Love this product! 
- Dari S Munger
 Buying my second sleeve. Wrap my arm every night from lymphedema after cancer surgery. Hold up well after washing. Soft and comfortable to wrap. 
- Lisa Wright
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