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Manual Bandage Roller

Lohmann & Rauscher

Manual Bandage Roller by Lohmann & Rauscher
This bandage roller is a manually-operated device for re-rolling bandages. The bandage is placed into the slot and draped over the tension bar. Using the free hand to guide and control tension the bandage can be rolled up easily. The roller can be mounted with the enclosed bracket holder to any flat surface. After usage the bandage roller can be taken out of the bracket holder and stored.
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Hand Turn 
 A fantastic little gadget, Cuts rolling time to almost 1/2. I would recommend it to anyone. I give it a definite 5 star!!. Only those who had to roll bandages manually will appreciate this item. 
- Mrs Dianne L Arthur
 I just love this product.....It's very easy to use.....My only regret is that I didn't know about this roller alot sooner as I had to roll all my wraps for little over a year but now I have this roller to use so Thank You. ( I'd give the roller 5 stars) 
- Dally Deuel
 Work as told and saves lots of time when doing my wife's leg wraps. Thank you. 
- David A. Randolph
 I have been delighted with the ease and speed of rolling my bandages. I have 3 bandages each morning and night, and dreaded rolling them by hand. Now it is no longer a chore. 
- June Sivers
 The roller works great and it says me a lot of time from rolling the bandages by hand. 
- Doris G Workman
 this is a great contraption, I don't bother putting the cap on the end and works fast. 
- Debra B Humez
 I purchased this product for my son that has lymphedema and it really saves time rolling his bandages as he does it every day 
- Sandra J Van Valkenburg
 Sounds a good idea! Actully I am going to send for my friend who has a clinic. Hope she enjoy it ! 
- Elham Sharafi
 Makes rewinding your bandages a breeze. 
- Mr Michael F Matchael Sr
 Cuts time in half love the bandage roller thanks 
- Maxiel Maldonado
 Love it. Too many and very time consuming to hand roll. 
- Debbie Prise Prise
 Item shipped quickly. Works great 
- Natalie Martinez
 Love it!!! Wish I had discovered it sooner! 
- Karen Erion
 What a time saver. 
- Robert J Sweikowsky
 This has made the rolling of my bandages so much easier. We attached it to a board, which keeps it stable. One of my best purchases! 
- Ruthann England
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 Such a great purchase! Saves time and works well. Also I have trigger fingers so hand rolling bandages are painful for me but not when I use my bandage roller, very worthwhile purchase!!! 
- Mrs Shelley Frazier
 It is wonderful! A real time saver! 
- Rhett Murphy
 Does the job quickly. Good purchase. 
- Bruce W. Hoffmeyer
 wonderful product 
- Mr Terence Peden Peden
 It works well when I have to roll the elastic bandages up after washing. I would recommend it. 
- Mr. Ralph L. Westbrook
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