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Sigvaris Cotton Stocking Liners


Sigvaris Cotton Stocking Liners by Sigvaris
These soft, seamless Cotton Stocking Liners from Sigvaris are non-compressive and can be worn under all compression garments. Please note that this product does not provide therapeutic compression.
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Pack of 3 Pairs 
Pack of 10 Pairs 
 These socks are great for my sensitive skin. They fit smoothly under my compression garment and protect me from skin irritation. I can't say anything about longevity yet as I've only been using them about a month or so. 
- Michael A Woods
 Comfortable liners for leg wraps 
- Andrea Garaux
 it was good 
- Mrs Carl J Amin Amin
 Great socks! Super stretch and comfy! 
- Robert Leveranz Leveranz
 These are a God send for me! I have arthritis in both hand and putting on compression socks is a chore and PAINFUL! With the stocking liners they glide right on I definitely recommend them. You will love them. 
- Dean Dixon
 They are great. Had them very comfortable and will order again in the future ! 
- Edwin G Wendling
 Perfect for protecting delicate skin 
- Nancy J Schippers
 I've worn these liners for the last four years and it was time for some new ones. The cotton feels great on my feet and all the way up to my knees because I wear leg wraps all day. 
- Thomas S Bauer Jr
 They have enough compression to use as compression socks! Maybe not long term but for a few days at a time 
- Kathy A Schott
 I love mine I order these regularly.. however I was really surprised when one of the new socks got a hole in it the first wear.. I figure defects happen I will continue using this product 
- Judy Setran
 If you have to wear compression garments, these are the best you can have for liners. Unlike others, there are toes in these - perfect for winter months! 
- Janet Rice
 I love this product because of the soft cotton and the comfy wear. I own quite a few pairs now and I am happy with the product and the price. One thing what I wish for: I wish they would come in black or other colors. 
- Margot Bibbs
 I love these liners. They are so soft and feel nice to the touch. They are also easy to launder. Name brand product for a very good price. 
- Margot Bibbs
 I love the soft cotton on my skin, these liners are great and easy to wash plus coming from Sigvaris they come with a very affordable price. I just ordered a second pair. Great product. 
- Margot Bibbs
 I really like my new liners! They feel good on and very well made. I liked doing business with this company as well. They even sent me a helpful e-mail on how to launder my compression garments. A+ 
- Fran Smith
 Exactly what the patient needed! 
- Terry Collins
 Only socks worn for 3 years under compression wrap bandages to successfully manage lymphedema. 
- Karen Natterstad Natterstad
 Super fast regular shipping. Great price. By far the BEST socks I have seen for under compression wraps. The 100% cotton is very comfortable and durable. Great even in the summer heat. 
- Susan Ormbrek Ormbrek
 I need these socks for my sensitive skin. 
- Steven Zars
 very pleased. 
- Mr. Ronald A Anthony
 is exactly what I wanted. I have ordered theses before. 
- Adon Susan Houser
 These are a great under liner for those of us with sensitive skin. I can wear compression garments without having allergic break outs. 
- Michael A Woods
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