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Bellisse Compressure Comfort Bra


compression bra
Conventional bras are not designed to deal effectively with lymphedema or post-surgical discomfort in the chest and breast area. The patented Bellisse Compressure Comfort® Bra utilizes expert engineering, state-of-the-art fabrication and high-quality construction to apply continuous gentle compression and support to the chest and breast area, and can be worn comfortably and unobtrusively under clothing. The Bellisse Compressure Comfort® Bra was designed to provide a gentle caress of compression over critical areas of the chest, breasts and back, while helping to address the specific needs of women with chest or breast lymphedema.

The Bellisse Compressure Comfort® Bra features: (1) gentle compression all around the torso; (2) unprecedented adjustability with both a front zipper and a 3-position back closure; (3) attractive shape that can be worn comfortably and unobtrusively under clothing; (4) adjustable, comfortable, and unobtrusive design elements that combine to form a sustainable treatment aid that women can really use every day
This product has 22 reviews.
Compression Bra
 For those that require this kind of compression, this is the ONLY bra. I am so happy to get black, now please bring them in white. 
- Karen Meredith
 I am very pleased with the comfort in this bra. 
- Pam Trono Trono
 It's light however the band was too big 
- Candace Amestoy
 Very comfortable compression bra and well made. Love that the straps don't slip! 
- Bea Swanks
 I'm a lymphedema therapist and ordered this product for a patient. She noticed a considerable relief in the pain she had been experiencing for years. 
- Brenda Shepherd
 I think it is an excellent product but it is not going to work for me. I think it would be comfortable to wear but for the area I need the most compression or won't help. 
- Colleen M M Hathaway
 Very comfortable. Easy to put on with the hook and eye feature. As others have stated, it does compress your breasts so they appear flat; I suppose this is part of the purpose. The picture does not display this as dramatic as it is. 
- Debbra Nicholas-olson
 Good customer service. It's best product for my needs. 
- Debra Jackson
 very comfortable while providing the necessary compression. 
- Beth A Broughton
 Works well to control my lymphedema. Recommended my my lymphedema OT. The hospital she works for charges twice as much for this exact same bra. I'm glad I bought it here. I wore a 34 K in regular bras before the lymphedema. The 34 DD/E fit well per my lymphedema specialist. It does not have cups. It is more of a zippered vest so it fits a wider variety of sizes. Band size is same as my regular bra. Do not size up or it will be too loose. 
- Mrs Kristin Dettmers
 Comes in nude and black only. I wish they carried they white they show. 
- Judy A Friesner
 It fits very well. 
- Haresh Majmundar
 Excellent coverage and comfortable to wear. I purchased two and they are the only bras that I wear. The compression helps to control the lymphedema. 
- Mary Sommer
 I got my first compression bra through my doctors office after cancer surgery I developed lymphedema in my breast and this compression bra is the best. I bought a second one and I am on my third one I love this great product and I'll definitely buy some more later when I need them 
- Jannette Canaday
 The bra is very comfottable. 
- Kathy E Landerer Landerer
 The compression is just right for me to sleep at night. It relieves chest wall pain. I am glad I purchased it. 
- Meryl A Moran
 Muy bueno 
- Ms Persida Rivera
 Now that I'm use to this type of bra I really like the support that it gives. 
- Patricia Le Comte
 I have worn this bra for two decades. It is amazing. They last forever. For those of us with breast/chest lymphedema, this bra is a godsend. It is very comfortable: compressive but not binding, which is important. Yes, it does flatten your breasts so I wear bras that I make myself for those occasions when I want to be more dressed up. (I simply cannot find ready to wear bras that are comfortable.) 
- Susan A A Beecher
 I have worn this bra for nearly 17 years, since I was diagnosed with lymphedema. It is an amazing bra for those of us with lymphedema in the chest wall and breasts. These bras are so well-made that they last for years. Since I have retired I wear this bra every day. When I want to be a bit more dressed up, I wear bras that are a bit less compressive. Unfortunately there are none available that work for me, so I make my own. So I heartily recommend the Belisse bra. It seems to me that the sizing has changed somewhat. I have one that is a 40 A/B and it is a good bit smaller than the 40 A/B that I just received. 
- Susan A A Beecher
 Very comfortable !!!! 
- Kayla Gay
 It is light but the size was too small. Next time I should order XXL. 
- Yvonne Hill
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