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Arm Sleeve Slippie


Arm Sleeve Slippie by Juzo
The Arm Sleeve Slippie from Juzo makes donning compression arm sleeves effortless. Made from durable TYVEK, the Juzo Arm Sleeve donning aid has been specially designed for upper extremity garments and is suitable for all arm lengths and shapes.
This product has 5 reviews.
Large Arm Sleeve Donning Aid 
 I had an older version and I found that the one I just purchased is better. It's stronger and makes it much easier to put the compression sleeve on. 
- Arthur Porter
 Just what I needed! Increasing arthritis in my hands was making it difficult to put my compression sleeve on. This is a tremendous help. 
- Cathy L Warren
 This is so awesome makes it easy to pull up the compression sleeves. Without ripping your skin along the way. 
- Chris E Rhodes
 This has made putting my sleeves on SO MUCH easier! 
- Laurie A Lewis
 The sleeve slipper does as stated. It allows me to put on my sleeve without the hassle or help fro other hands. 
- Ms Sheri L Gamble
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