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Jobst 'It Stays' Roll-On Body Adhesive

BSN Medical

Jobst 'It Stays' Roll-On Body Adhesive by BSN Medical
"It Stays" roll-on body adhesive is specially designed to help keep Jobst supports in place. It is ideal for thigh-length stockings when garter belts are undesirable or a silicone band is not available. When properly applied, adhesive lotion will secure garments for a full day without re-application. One 2-ounce bottle will last many months and is a practical solution when garment slippage is a problem.
This product has 30 reviews.
Individual Pieces
2oz Bottle 
2oz Bottle - case (12 pieces)
 I haven't used any products like this in the past, so I have no comparisons, but I'm very happy with the results. It really works! 
- Andrea Drosen
 My wrapping would slip down my thigh. This adhesive is great ... strong smell at first, but gone when it dries; bandages stay in place, removal is like a Band-Aid, a small tug. I'm very happy I bought it. 
- Susan Bender
 Have used this for 3 years Always works 
- Betty L Vangasbeck Mrs
 It helps hold my stockings from sliding down I have been using it for about 3 years. 
- Betty L Vangasbeck Mrs
 can't do withouth it 
- Mrs Lynn B Dobson
 This is the best by far, tried other similar products and the Jobst Adhesive is # 1. Please don't ever stop carrying it, thanks. 
- Ms. Carol A. Colt
 Jobst adhesive roll- n is the best I have every used - and I've tried them all. It goes on easy and keeps my leg garments in place all day long with no problem. And I love your website ease of ordering and great delivery of products in record time, thank you. 
- Ms. Carol A. Colt
 I rated this product excellent because it works. However, it is much too expensive. We need to purchase custom compression stockings which are not covered by ANY primary or secondary insurance and are extremely expensive ... having to add the excessive cost of these adhesives is unfortunate. 
- Mrs. Carolyn Samples
 it really works well, 
- Deborah Burch
 This adhesive is easy to use and keeps my sleeve in place. After they start to stretch out and slide down my arm, I put this adhesive on my upper arm where it slides and carefully pull it back up where it should be. Stays there all day. Hope to get a couple more months wear using this product. 
- Donna Wilson
 I love this product. I put on my sleeve up to the height I want it and fold back the top about one inch, apply the Jobst 'It Stays', and fold the top of the sleeve back up. The top of the sleeve stays in position all day and leaves no residue when I take the sleeve off. I would recommend this product to anyone. 
- Mrs. Dorretta Anderson
 This stuff works great! I have recommended it to others. 
- Dorretta J. Anderson
 Good stuff...couldn't manage without it! 
- Helen H Estabrook
 Works well when I use it with my non silicone band thigh high support hose. 
- Barbara Clark
 Absolutely works. I use it everyday and it is especially helpful on my toe less compression socks. It stays on, but washes off with soap and water very easily. 
- Mrs Jennifer R. Minor Mrs.
 The roll on gel really kept my hose in place. 
- Judith Bryant
 It helps hold my sleeve in place, and unlike some other adhesives, doesn't make the roller ball sticky 
- Patricia Conchie
 It works great 
- Mrs. Nooreen T. Auclair
 Good item and holds up all day 
- Richard Kelly
 This is my 4th bottle. It works great to keep my stockings from sliding down. Super easy to apply. 
- Roberta M Bidault
 It works!!! 
- Ms. Susan A Fair
 It does what it is supposed to do! 
- Sharon D Mcdonald
 This adhesive is worth it's weight in gold! Keeps socks from slipping down 
- Mrs Susan M Goldberg Goldberg
 performs as stated 
- Mr Stephen H Cordill Jr
 excellent product 
- Mr Stephen H Cordill Jr
- Mr Stephen H Cordill Jr
 excellent product 
- Mr Stephen H Cordill Jr
 Excellent product. 
- Elaine J Ballantine
 Works like a charm to keep my stockings in place 
- Barbara Aureli
 I have used it for 2 years and I like it very much. Would be lost without it. 
- Uschi Keszler
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