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Lymphedema therapy experts are fond of Velcro® tape, as it lends itself to all sorts of creative uses when it comes to affixing compression bandages to problem areas, wherever they occur. Inspired by nature, Velcro® was first invented in the mid-20th century by an engineer who thought to examine the structure of burrs, which are common autumn weeds.

These uninvited woodland guests cling to fabric or fur tenaciously, then later let go. It’s an ingenious strategy to spread seeds, but it’s also a superb design for a material that can grip, or release, as needed. By recreating these natural "hook and loop" structures using durable synthetic materials, the makers of Velcro® stumbled upon a superior fastener technology that can be firmly fastened, and just as readily released, over and over again.

At Lymphedema Products, we offer two varieties of Velcro®; adhesive-backed, and non-adhesive backed Velcro® hook tape. Each is available in 6" individual strips, and in rolls featuring 150 individual 6" strips. Adhesive-backed Velcro® strips adhere well to Komprex foam. Non-adhesive Velcro® strips work especially well with Velfoam®; a soft all-purpose padding that can be applied directly to the skin. Adhesive-backed Velcro® strips are useful for laminating various layers of foam-like padding material together to achieve a customized compression wrapping that maximizes comfort and tolerability.

Non-allergenic and delicate enough for use in genital areas, Velfoam® and Velcro® tape have been designed to complement each other. Some customers use Velfoam® as an extra layer of padding under compression gloves and other compression-wear items. They note the durability of this padding, and the extra comfort it provides. Composed of thick polyfoam, this product is covered in a layer of tricot fabric, which supplies the "loops" for Velcro® tape’s hooks to grab onto.

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