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Arm Compression-Alternatives

At Lymphedema Products, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of the highest-quality compression wear. When it comes to common circulatory problem areas, such as the legs and hands, we strive to offer a comprehensive selection of products from industry-leading manufacturers. We also go the extra mile, to provide additional, alternative options from lesser-known manufacturers of lymphedema-fighting compression wear.

Alternatives include items from BiaCare, CircAid Medical Products, Farrow Medical, Peninsula Medical, and others, such as JoViPak, which offers the Classic Arm Sleeve and the Arm Sleeve JoViJacket. Designed with post-mastectomy and post-lumpectomy patients in mind, the Arm Sleeve can be worn at night, to avoid the need for nighttime bandaging.

Extending from the upper arm and shoulder all the way to the fingertips and thumb, the Arm Sleeve features Continuous Flow stitching to encourage lymph drainage away from the extremities and back towards the heart. Customers say this sleeve is considerably more comfortable-and easier to don-than ordinary bandaging, noting that it does a good job of helping to control the buildup of fluid while you sleep. Use with the JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve JoviJacket for best results. The latter is a nylon/spandex outer covering that substitutes for more cumbersome short-stretch bandages. Don it over your Classic Arm Sleeve for optimal compression while you slumber.

Other alternative arm compression options include offerings from Peninsula Medical, including the OptiFlow RM (Ready-Made) Upper Extremity Sleeve. A more economical choice than some custom-sized models, the OptiFlow is available in standard sizes for the right or left arm. It incorporates the same Tissue Gradient Technology that has made the company's traditional ReidSleeve Classic model so successful at treating lymphedema of the arm.

The ReidSleeve Classic Upper Extremity sleeve incorporates firm, but gentle pressure, applied along a gradient, to encourage the return of lymph to the circulation and away from the spaces between cells in the affected arm. A series of adjustable straps allow the user to apply appropriate pressure in the right places along the arm.

A special gauge is used to assess relative pressures at various points, allowing the patient to self adjust compression levels to achieve the ideal pressure gradient and strike a balance between the need for sufficient compression and adequate personal comfort. Designed to be donned with relative ease and minimal-to-no additional assistance, this model is available in custom sizes only. For assistance in placing your order, please call, or click the "Help Me Order" button. We will gladly assist your or your healthcare provider.